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`Referendum .. an identity for a nation and a definition for a homeland` in a panel of Salahaddin University-Erbil

College of Islamic studies at SUE in coordination with Intellectual Group of Islam in Kurdistan arranged a panel for Dr Abdullah Mullah Said, Abdurahman Sidiq and Krmanj Younis Osman titled “Referendum… an identity for a nation and a definition for a homeland.” Also, in the panel participated a number of officials, members of parliament, university teachers, Islamic scholars and students. Dr Ahmed Dezaye stated that we highly regard the referendum issue; therefore, we will continue arranging similar seminars and panels to help succeed the process academically, scientifically and legally. 
Dr Abdullah Mullah Said shed light on the issue from a religious point of view. He stated that Islam has given each nation an identity and the right to independence. There is no verse, he maintained, that opposes the right to self-determination of a nation. 
Abdulrahman Sidiq, on the other hand, explained that creation of Iraq was a mistake.  From the very beginning of its formation, the military launched attacks on the Kurds and the other minorities. Now, it is the best moment to carry out the referendum process and announce an independent country. In a form of a country, we can have our say in the changes in the region. Therefore, we need to be united in order to fulfil that. 
Later, Kirmanj Osman discussed the legal and constitutional aspects of the referendum and the right to independence. He stated that no article in the constitution of Iraq could be found that prohibits the creation of Kurdistan as a country. No country has announced their opposition to it and there will be countries that will welcome the initiative once it is announced. In the moment, we need to have the determination and hard-work from the nation. 


Date :9th Aug 2017