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Signing an academic contract between SUE and group of Cyprus universities

In his office, SUE President Dr Ahmed Anwar Dezaye, with the presence of Vice-President for Administrative Affairs Asst. Prof. Dr Jawhar Fatah and Vice-President for Scientific Affairs Asst. Prof. Dr Mostafa Sabr, welcomed the president of Cyprus for Medicine and Sociology group Dr Sardal Giunduz, the University of Nishantash-Turkey, the member of parliament in education and higher education boards Aiden Ma’rouf, general manager and a member of higher education ministry in Cyprus Dhiaa Ozturklar, and the director of international affairs at the University of Nishantash-Turkey, Dr Berish Yashlbash. 
In the meeting, a contract was signed between SUE and Cyprus universities for strengthening the scientific relations, human development collaboration, academic exchange programs, conferences, carrying out joint research, and getting benefit from each other’s teaching staff. Also, it was to facilitate SUE students who have pursued their studies in Cyprus. This is one of the academic collaborations of SUE with the international universities. It has positively affected the progress of the University’s education process. It is worth mentioning in the group of Cyprus universities there are 30k students and 1800 teachers.   
Date :12th July 2017