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Salahaddin University mourns the death of Prof. Dr Khalid Saeed Tofiq

With the presence of Ministry of Education Dr Pshtiwan Sadiq, SU president Dr Ahmed Dezaye, a number of general managers of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, deans of colleges at SU and the bereft family convened on the occasion of 40th Day after Death of Prof. Dr Khalid Saeed Tofiq. 
In the beginning, the organising body delivered a speech in which they referred to the role and the works of the deceased beginning with standing for a moment, a tribute to Prof. Dr Khalid.
Later, Dr Ahmed Dezaye delivered a speech in which he highly regarded the service that the deceased had offered and he shed light on different aspects of Dr Khalid’s life. Following the speech of the dean of the college, the family and friends shared a lot of cherished memories. 
The family’s speech was recited with pictures highlighting different stations of the life of the deceased. 
It is worth mentioning that a hall was named after Dr Khalid in College of Law and Politics.

Date:15th Feb 2017