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SU president participated in an academic panel in Konya, Turkey

After SU president took part in a conference in Konya about health issues in Iraq and the ways to address them, he participated in an academic panel about the issues of medical staff and how to tackle them with the help of Turkey, the country being at the forefront medical research and practice.
In the panel, Dr Amanj the representative of Minister of Health in KRG presented a seminar about medical situation in KRG, the disagreement with the central government in Baghdad, reasons behind the financial crisis, the flow of refugees, a drop in oil price and health issues in KRG. Following that, SU president offered a historical background about higher education process, medical associations, and medical departments at the universities in KRG and their role in the progress of medicine in KRG.
At the end of speech, Dr Ahmed Dezaye referred to the fact that during the past 25 years a number of conferences have been held about medical issues, the issues have been identified and solutions have been offered. However, it has been to no avail due to the absence of higher officials in the conference. He later hoped that the conference will have a better impact on the medical process in Iraq and Kurdistan.
Date :29th Dec 2016