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The Speech of Salahaddin University President in Kurdistan Flag Day Ceremony

In the name of God most merciful most gracious 
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
It is an honour today to witness all SU teachers, students and staff celebrating the Flag Day; the banner for which we have sacrificed countless martyrs so that it will always fly high. 
The sacred flag is the highly regarded symbol of our country and nation. Martyrs had the dream to see it with their own eyes; a flag which now flies high alongside others in UN. We, in turn, have to be proud because we have our own flag and homeland; like other nations, we have struggled and we have been able to achieve our freedom.
Undoubtedly, there is glory in the history of this flag. In the early twenties, it was made by a Kurdish party named Khoibun that demanded a free Kurdistan. Later, it was hoisted by the successive Kurdish revolutions.
On 22nd January 1946, with the presence of a large gathering, Qazi Mohammed raised the flag in Chwarchra square in Mahabad and announced the Kurdistan Republic. He was elected as the president of the republic. Unfortunately, however, the republic was short-lived as a result of the withdrawal of the Red Army in Iran, following the establishment of a soviet-Iranian petrol company. The Kurdish liberation movement was stifled and with the support of the then United Kingdom and the United States it was overthrown. Succeeding this, Qazi Mohammed handed the banner Mostafa Barzani to lead the liberation movement towards independence. 
After the liberation of South Kurdistan, on 11 November 1999, KRG parliament officially presented the flag as the flag of Kurdistan Regional Government, and 17 December of every year is the Flag Day in Kurdistan. 
Throughout the history, the enemies of Kurds in all the parts of grand Kurdistan have opposed the banner. In the modern day also, the more Kurds have stepped towards independence, the more they have been opposed and the banner was torn and burned. There is a foreign infiltration in our unity that works against our will of freedom and independence. 
Obviously, the trust given to Mostafa Barzani is the same in the hands of KRG president Masoud Barzani to continue the endeavour for the independence which the successive revolutions have strived for. Now the success of Kurdish struggle and the international support has reached an unprecedented level which has not been witnessed throughout the glorious history of Kurdistan. Specifically, after the liberation of Iraq and the fight against the terrorist group so-called Daeesh, the examples set by Peshmarga in terms of bravery and sacrifice have taken by surprise all the nations around the world and they behold Kurds as a striving, peaceful nation. This has made Peshmarga and the flag two symbols for Kurds and Kurdistan.
Furthermore, the continuous visits paid by Masoud Barzani to the USA and the European countries to meet the presidents and speakers of parliaments and governments to offer a better understanding of the Kurdish case of independence.
In that respect, Barzani has announced the issue of the referendum as a political project worked out by all the parties. He deemed referendum a legitimate right of self-determination.
Now the issue of the referendum has been put forward, the neighbouring and regional countries have declared their opposition of the independent Kurdistan and they have tried to thwart such an attempt. In such endeavour, there is an attempt to deteriorate the relationship between the Kurdish parties.
However, all this has not altered the resolution of President Barzani for reneging on and abandoning the cause of independence. On the contrary, it has made Barzani even more determined.  
Therefore, the majority of Kurds would agree to have an independent country and they find it as the only solution in order to put an end to the political, social and economic strife of Kurds for once and forever.
we, as SU, reaffirm our support for president Barzani. We will make use of our ability to reach such an objective. We believe he will secure independence and this will be written in history.
Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the soul of our martyred Peshmarga.
Tribute to Peshmarga, symbol of courage, bravery and peace
Tribute to the resistance of our nation
May our flag always fly high 
Long live Kurds!
Long live Kurdistan!
President of Salahaddin University


Date :22th Dec 2016