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A workshop held between France and Kurdistan about preserving cultural heritage

Under the title of “How to Preserve Cultural Heritage”, a workshop was arranged between KRG and France in the seminar hall of Architecture Department in the College of Engineering on Wednesday 7th December 2016. SU president, French Consul General in Erbil and Islamic section representative in Louvre Museum were present in the workshop.
In the beginning, SU president mentioned the steps taken earlier to arrange the workshop and underlined the support of the IFPO organization in such endeavour. Meanwhile, he highlighted the collaboration between SU and French universities. Later, he expressed hope that this workshop will lead to a success in preserving cultural heritage.
Following that, French General Consul in Erbil delivered a speech in which he discussed finding the scientific steps to preserve cultural heritage. He also mentioned that this workshop is the continuation of the previous workshop carried out in Paris, France. 
It is worth mentioning that the workshop will carry on for 3 days in which 30 various topics concerning preserving cultural heritage will be presented.


Date :7th Dec 2016