An international conference in Hungary to commemorate genocides of minorities

With the presence of SUE president Dr Ahmed Dezaye, International Erbil University president Dr Mohammed Ihsan, Governor of Halabja and a number of university teachers in Kurdistan, the first international conference commemorating genocides was held in Budapest, Hungary.

Salahaddin University-Erbil: A scientific forum about environment protection

With the presence of SUE president Dr Ahmed Dezaye, a number of university teachers and academics, and in association with Iraqi House for Capacity, SUE held a forum in the Social and Cultural Centre under the title of Environment is our life, Our life is our environment .

SUE president welcomes delegations of UNESCO, British and Poland universities

In the Cultural and Social Centre of SUE, Dr Ahmed Anwar nDezaye welcomed a delegation of UNESCO which consisted of Director UNESCO office in Iraq Louise Haxsthausn and her guest delegation.

SUE signs an academic agreement with the Technical Institute of Lisbon University in Portugal

During his participation in an academic meeting for the collaborative project of Erasmus Mundus of EU in Portugal, the president of Technical Institute of Lisbon University received the president of SUE, Dr Ahmed Anwar Dezaye.

Mathematics scientists pay a visit to Salahaddin university-Erbil

The president of SUE received a delegate of mathematicians in his office who were from Italy and France. Meanwhile, the scientists also participated in an international scientific conference in SUE

Portugal.. Salahaddin University-Erbil participates in a meeting of Erasmus Mundus of European Union

Dr Ahmed Dezaye, SUE president and a delegate consisting of Head of Research and Scientific Centre Dr Hiwa Yasin Abdullah, and Dr Basheer Thabet an expert in Hydrology, participated in an academic meeting of Erasmus Mundus in which a number of universities took part among which were SUE, University of Duhok, two universities from Iran and a number of European universities

The President of Salahaddin University participates in the International Universities Council Meeting in Turkey

President of Salahaddin University participated in the third meeting of international universities in Ankara, Turkey.

Salahaddin University President congratulates the newly-elected head of 2nd Branch of PDK

The council of SU, headed by Dr Ahmed Dezaye, paid a visit to Mr Ahmed Kani in order to congratulate him on starting his term in office as the official of the 2nd Branch of PDK.

SU and Ministry of Housing and Construction arrange an academic talk for construction of KRG

With presence of the deputy prime minister of KRG Qubad Talabani and minister of Housing and Construction Darbaz Kosrat, Dr Ahmed Dezaye, and number of ministers and university lecturers, an academic seminar about construction was arranged by Ministry of Housing and Construction and SU in the palace of Shahid Saad Abdulla in Erbil which will last for two days.

Salahaddin University mourns the death of Prof. Dr Khalid Saeed Tofiq

With the presence of Ministry of Education Dr Pshtiwan Sadiq, SU president Dr Ahmed Dezaye, a number of general managers of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, deans of colleges at SU and the bereft family convened on the occasion of 40th Day after Death of Prof. Dr Khalid Saeed Tofiq.