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Kurdish Statehood in a Salahaddin University-Erbil forum

In the Social and Cultural Centre of SUE, the Department of Philosophy arranged a forum titled “Dimensions of Political Philosophy of the Statehood of Kurdistan Region”. In the forum, the president of SUE and a number of university instructors and students were present. Four panels were arranged about the question of Kurdish statehood. Dr Jaafar Iminiki, the vice-Speaker of KRG parliament delivered a speech in which he highlighted the legal and constitutional aspects of Kurdistan statehood in which referendum is the first step.

In another part of the forum, Saadi Pira, a member of PUK politburo, presented a talk about the political steps towards the independence of Kurdistan and that referendum and the right to self-determination are basic rights of Kurdish people.

In the third part of the forum, Hadi Ali, Head of United People, Economic and Political Council,  shed light on the Islamic point of view towards the establishment of a statehood. He mentioned that in Islam nations can build their own country and be independence.

In the last part of the forum, Prof. Dr Humam Razi, President of Kitab University, discussed the economic aspects of Kurdish statehood.

In the end, SUE president presented the University award to the members of the panel.


Date :10th May 2017