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A laboratory and a seminar hall opened in Technology Centre at SU

His Excellency, SU president, Dr Ahmed Dezaye opened a new laboratory and a seminar hall in the Scientific Research Centre at the University sponsored by Korek Telecom and Nanakali Charity.
In the opening ceremony, the vice presidents, General Director of Technology Centre Dr Hiwa Yasin and a large number of university teachers were present. The University president extended thanks to both sponsors to have supported the university and enhancement of knowledge. He deemed it a noble act for the benefit of society, particularly in the financial crisis which KRG faces. 
Following that, General Director Dr Hiwa Yasin analysed both projects and discussed their scientific advantage. Then he thanked and welcomed the initiative of both sponsors.
On that occasion, Dr Dizaye honoured the sponsors undertaking with the logo of SU presented to their representatives in the ceremony.

Date :31th Oct 2016