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A mutual committee for academic relations was formed between The Islamic Republic of Iran and Kurdistan Region
Dr. Yousif Goran announced that “the relations between Kurdistan and Iran have a historical background. From the Kurdish revolutions to the establishment of KRG, the Islamic republic of Iran has supported the people and the government of Kurdistan. In the past, Iran has had cooperation with KRG in different fields. Fortunately, now this relation has paved the way for further mutual undertakings in higher education sector.”
The announcement came following a meeting between Dr. Yousif Goran and Dr. Mohammed Ferhadi the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran, which was held on 24th April 2016 in the Divan of the Council of Ministers in the capital city of Tehran. 
In the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Ferhadi declared that after their delegation returned from Kurdistan region, they were pleased with what they have achieved in the academic and research collaboration. He also stated that all the universities in Iran are willing to forge strong partnerships with the Kurdistan Region and offer scholarships to the students in Kurdistan Region universities. He wished that the universities in the Kurdistan Region could get benefit from the advancement of research and technology of the universities in Iran.   
Then, in another part of the meeting in which Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology Dr. Salar Amoli, presidents of Kurdistan Region universities and a number of Iranian universities were present, Dr Yousif Goran, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of KRG stated that historically Iran has been a devout supporter of the Kurdistan Regional Government. It has assisted revolutions throughout Kurdish history. However, this has happened to a lesser extent in higher education; therefore, he wished that this will become a promising initiative in such endeavor. 
Dr. Yousif Goran also hoped that KRG could get benefit from the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fields of medicine, technology, and engineering. 
Towards the end of the meeting, a mutual committee was established in order to follow and fulfill the points which were agreed upon by both parties. The committee was resolved to work on enhancing the scope of relations and their development in the future.
In the end, Dr. Goran presented a painting by students of College of Art, Sulaimani University and a painting of Salahaddin University representing the ancient Erbil Citadel to the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology.


Date :28th April 2016