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Under the Title of `Water For Life` An International Workshop on Kurdistan Water in Salahaddin University has been Arranged
Under the title of “water for life”, an international workshop regarding Kurdistan water has been arranged in the Department of Dams and Water Resources at College of Engineering which will last 3 days from 6-8 of March 2016. 14 research projects by internal and external researchers will be presented in the universities of Salahaddin, Sulaymanya, Sena, ministry of agriculture and water resources. The reason behind this workshop is to highlight the importance of water as a life resource.
Preparing a project of the regulations of using water: With the presence of assistant professor Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dezaye the president of Salahaddin University, the president and members of agriculture committee and water resources in Kurdistan Parliament, general directors of ministry of agriculture, the university president assistant for students’ affairs, deans of the university colleges, head of departments and lecturers of College of Engineering.
 In the opening ceremony of the international workshop, the president of Salahaddin University “Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dezaye” has expressed his deep thanks to the organizers of the workshop as a scientific activity of the rules of using water in Kurdistan Region with the efforts of the our university lecturers in Kurdistan different colleges, on the suggestion of agriculture committee in Kurdistan Parliament in order to work on it. This workshop in the first activity to work on such an issue and wish to have the ability to work on it in the future academically and scientifically.
After that, Dr. Safeen Yasine dean of College of Engineering and Mr. Faisal Daham head of Dams and Water Resources Department delivered their welcoming speeches. Each one of Muhammad Amin Faraj general director of water resources in the ministry of agriculture in Kurdistan Region and Ahmed Akram Rasoul general director of dams in the ministry of agriculture presented research projects regarding specialities of general directors. They separately showed the data and information of the importance of water for life and economy of Kurdistan, they also declared that in the future, water will be more important than oil.
It has been resolved that, in 3 days, 14 academic researchers will be presented in 6 panels in the universities of Salahaddin, Sulaymanya, Sena, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. They will discuss the changes that affect water in Kurdistan Region, the regulations of how to save and use water. They also shed light on the scientific benefit of dams for Kurdistan in the future.


Date :6th Mar 2016