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Salahaddin University Has Organized a Workshop With the Cooperation of Korek Academy

In the university`s Cultural and Social CentreSalahaddin University has arranged a workshop under the title of “The Power of Emotional Intelligence Strategies that Make Leaders”, with the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the president of Salahaddin University, the consultants, general directors of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry, the university vice presidents and the deans of the colleges.
In the opening of the workshop, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the president of Salahaddin University delivered their speeches. At the beginning, Dr. Yousif Goran expressed deep thanks and appreciation to the university presidency, the university president and the staff of Salahaddin University for arranging this course and declared that arranging this course was in a time when everyone was required to organise their academic and scientific duties. He also mentioned that because of the recent changes we face daily, we have to make changes in the directing system in a way that goes with the academic and scientific changes because we cannot deal with our recent development and changes and reach our goals.
Also in the course, President of Salahaddin University Dr. Ahmed Dezaye delivered a speech and declared that this course has been arranged for the presidents of the universities, the consultants and general directors of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry, the assistants of the university president, the deans of the colleges and registry directorate of Salahaddin University.  
He also mentioned that arranging this course is in the framework for the reform of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, working on it is in order to promote the scientific level and management in the universities of Kurdistan region. He also emphasised that how they opened training courses in the past for the university staff, colleges, and departments, in the same way, they will open them in the future for directing the university in a better way that deals with the recent changes. In the one-day course, Dr. Sharif Baju a credited trainee, NIP and the director of Korek Academy presented a number of scientific subjects regarding programs like training management, self-evaluation, leadership development, training and consulting services.
As a goal in arranging this course, they shed light on the Emotional Intelligence (EI). The participants have been acquainted with different aspects of EI so that they will be able to integrate such skills into their work in the future and be examples of better leaders.


Date : 14th Jan 2016