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Dr.Dilan M.Rostam Gives a Seminar at SU

In the presence of Dr. Ahmed A Dizayee, the President of Salahaddin University (SU), Vice President of SU, deans of colleges, heads of scientific departments, directors of university presidency and representatives of quality assurance of the colleges, a seminar on "An e-Smart Interactive University" was arranged for Dr. Dilan M Rostam the Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Koya University. The seminar was given at the SU social and culture center.

Dr Dezayee expressed his deep appreciation to Dr. Dilan for holding the seminar. Dr. Dilan began with shedding light on concept of quality in higher education and revealed the impact of sharing nformation and accountability of stakeholders in rising the quality of real outcome of higher education. He mapped the way to accelerating the process of running the administrative affairs and removing the routine through using e-Smart solution with very low budget. The solution has been possible through huge study on culture of performance and communication, identifying the bottlenecks and providing logical ways for more sensible interactions routs, as well as redefining the concept of success as an academic community that can create a better visible sense of belonging.

Dr. Dilan also emphasized that the regional universities should understand the concept of collaboration to exchange solutions and ideas to raise the quality of education in the public university as a whole. At the end, the president of Salahaddin University presented shared the views of the seminar and showed his appreciation to Dr. Dilan M Rostam for his contribution.