Language Center

The course fee for each level is 200,000 IQD for applicants from the public (governmental) sector, and 300.000 IQD for applicants from the private sector. Initially, participants have to take a placement test in order to test their English proficiency. The placement test is prepared by a professional board from our centre. The test has two parts; the first part is reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary and it is out of 80 marks, and the second part is oral, which is out of 20 marks. The participants will be placed in the right level based on the score they obtain. The required score for each level is as follows:

Elementary 16-30marks
Pre-Intermediate 31-50 marks
Intermediate 51-80 marks
Upper-Intermediate 81-100 marks

Participants have to complete a level and pass the final exam before they can go to the next level. Once the participants complete all four levels successfully they receive a certificate which is recognised by Kurdistan Region Higher Education Committee and it is valid for 4 years from the date of its issue.

Regarding attendance, participants have a credit of absence for 10% of the duration of each level. If the absence rate goes beyond this percentage, participants will not be allowed to take the final test of the level.