Professor Ibrahim Hamarash

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 I. Scientific Papers:

  • Ibrahim Hamarash, Diari Sulaiman and  M. Ibrahim, " Adaptive supply and body voltage control for ultra-low power microprocessors", ELEX (Japan), Vol.14, No. 12, 2017. DOI:
  • Ibrahim Hamarash, Dler Salih and Carl Crane III, " Calculation of angular velocity, angular acceleration, and torque of tow common point rigid bodies using IMU rigid bodies acceleration torque", Zano Journal for Pure and Applied Sciences, Vol.29, No.2, 2017, DOI:
  • Ibrahim Hamarash and Polla Fatah, “Optimization of association rule mining”, Proceedings of Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA), Glyndwr University, UK, September 2015, PP.275-280. IEEE publication DOI:10.1109/ITechA.2015.7317409
  • Ibrahim I Hamarash, "Small Signal Stability Analysis of Kurdistan Regional Power System", Zanco, The Scientific Journal of Salahaddin University-Erbil, No.1, Vol.24, 2012.3.
  • Ibrahim I Hamarash, Qaysar S Mahdi, and Jamal A Hassan, “Availability Analysis of GSM Network Systems”, 978-1-4244-6908-6/10©2010 IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/ISAPE.2010.5696532.4.
  • Ibrahim I Hamarash, “Modeling and Simulation of the Perdawd CCGS Connected to the Kurdistan Regional Power System of Iraq Using Simulink”, Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science, Vol 2170, Issue 1, 2008, PP 381-385.
  • Ibrahim I. Hamarash, "Modeling and Simulation of Perdawd CCPS Connected to Kurdistan Regional Power System of Iraq", Proceedings of WCE Conference, London, UK, 2-4 July 2008.
  • Ibrahim I. Hamarash & Dlawer Maroof, "Monitoring of Power System Control Functions: A Database Approach", Proc. of ELECO2007, Bursa, Turkey, 5-9 Dec 2007.
  • Ibrahim I. Hamarash, ”Application of ANN to Low Frequency Oscillations Detection in Iraqi National Power System”, International Control Conference-ICC2006, Glasgow, UK, 30 Aug-1 Sept 2006.
  • Ibrahim I. HAMARASH, "Eigenvalues Sensitivities of Systems With State Feedback to Structured Perturbations in System Parameters”, WSEAS Transactions on Applied Mathematics, Vol. No. , June 2006.
  • Ibrahim I. HAMARASH and Diari Rauf, "Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) for Microprocessor Power & Energy Reduction", The Proc. Of 4th In. Conf. on Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 7-11 Dec.2005, Bursa, Turkey.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash, “Application of Neural Network Method to the Small Signal Stability Analysis of Iraqi Power System”, Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Computer& Industry Eng.,19-22 June, 2005, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash, Nian A.K, and Amin Abas, “Reliability Assessment of the Ministry of Education's ICT Infrastructure System”, Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Computer& Industry Eng.,19-22 June, 2005, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash” Small Signal Stability Analysis of Iraqi National Power System”, MED’04(with IEEE) Conference, Turkey, June2004.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash” A PC Based Real Time Remote Control for a Kid’s Game Car”, The Scientific Journal of Duhok University, No.2, 2004.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash & Fadhil T. Aula” Interface Implementation of Parallel Port of PC for Testing Over current Relays”, ZANCO: Journal of Pure and Applied Sceince, Salahaddin-Erbil University,Vol.14, No.2, 2002,PP.5-14.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash & Kosay Abdul-Sattar” Improving The Stability of a Synchronous Generator Using Prespecified Root Controller”, Proceedings of CATAEE’99, The Third International Conference on Computational Aspects and Their Applications in Electrical Engineering”19-20,Oct.1999, Philadelphia University, PP.371-379.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash & Kosay Abdul-Sattar” Changing The Stability Mode of a Power System Using Prespecified Pole Controller”, The Scientific Journal of Tikrit University,Vol.6, No.4, 1999,PP.136-162.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash” Pole Assignment Controller Design For Multi Area Power System”, Journal of Duhok University,Vol.2, No.6, 1999,PP.823-839.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash & Ali Husain,” Sensistivity Analysis For Pole Assignment Problems”, Al-Rafidain Eng. Journal,Vol.6, No.1998, ,PP.37-45.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash &Amin Abbas,”A Computer Aided Design For Root-Locus Plotting”, Proc. Of Scientific Conf., 3-4 June 1997, Erbil, PP.193-198.
  • Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash & Ali Husain,” A Flexible Algorithm For Pole Assignment Synthesis Using State Feedback Controller”, Engineering and Technology- Baghdad, Vol, No. PP. 1994.
  • II.Books

    1. Reforming Higher Education in Kurdistan Region, Salahaddin University Press, Erbil, 2013.
    2. Computers, Text Books, Book-1 and Book-2(in Kurdish)), for 1st and 2nd Years Secondary Schools(13&14 years students) in Kurdistan Region, Ministry of Education, Erbil, 2004 and 2005 respectively.
    3. Rembrandt and Other Essays (in Kurdish), Shvan Press, Sulaimani, 2002.
    4. Microsoft Word 2000: An Introduction(in Kurdish), 1st Edition: Mardin Press, Erbil,2000, 2nd Edition, Shvan Press, Sulaimani,2002.
    5. Computer Dictionary: English-Kurdish, MEDIA Publishers, Erbil,1999. Included in a Step by Step English learning Series, Lebanese Cultural Centre, Lebanon, 2011