College of Education/Shaqlawa

Tasks and Activities

 The unit has numerous tasks and activities which can be viewed as the following:

1-    The unit in collaboration with the head of the departments nominates visiting professors for one year for each specific subject especially for Biology and Physics departments with the support of the Vice president for scientific Affairs and Post graduate Studies in Salahaddin University. The main aim of this mission is to provide students with the highest quality of knowledge in order to update the knowledge and skills of the students in the fields of Biology, Physics, Arabic and Kurdish departments. The unit directs formal documents for the approval of vice president for scientific affairs and post graduate studies about visiting professors.


2-    Organizing college conferences, the first scientific conference which entitled (Research Project Competition of Fourth Grade Students) was held in 18th/5/2016,  and the excellent students were awarded.


3-    Issuing administrative orders of scientific researches to college teaching staff after being affirmed by a documentation of vice president for scientific affairs and post graduate studies.


4-     The unit in collaboration with the College of Education and its committee of raising scientific degrees follow up the process of offering academic titles for the college teaching staffs.


5-    Issuing administrative orders of Research project committee to fourth grade in each department.


6-    Issuing administrative orders of the committee of educational supervisors and scientific supervisors to observe and follow up each student of the fourth grade in each department in his/her practical term.


7-    Circulating issued documents, official letters, to college departments about the following

A-   Rules and regulations of application to MA and PHD to college departments;

B-    Guidelines of Scientific titles;

B-Scientific conferences in other universities;

C-Scholarships in international universities.



Proclaimed conferences, scholarships, training courses and workshops.


  Lecturers and the academic staff will be notified about conferences, scholarships, training courses and workshops. They can attend or participate in the conferences, training courses and workshops and apply directly to the scholarships of the e-mail address which is given by the universities that are responsible for the conferences, scholarships, training courses and workshops.