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About us



 Physics department was opened in Shaqlawa city (Tourist, charming, wonderful, and lively) since 2012 as a department of Education College. Since 2014 it is an active department in Education college-Shaqlawa. Physics department aimed to preparing undergraduate students (UG). Nowadays, first of undergraduate students graduated and got bachelors in Physics science (2015-2016). Students take full time laboratories through each academic year of study.  A lot of seminars, training course, and workshops are held for both students and academic staff. This is in addition to publishing a lot of scientific papers of continuous research. We are aiming to qualify and equip our graduated students with knowledge and tools needed in the workforce of the Shaqlawa city.

   Physics students (undergraduate) have to take eight modules per year in addition of scientific research which are highly satisfactory according to the higher education system. Students have to complete four academic years successfully to be given bachelor degrees. Physics department has an intensive program for postgraduate students in next two years.