College of Physical Education

College of physical education held the first student conference 

Under the patronage of Salahaddin University Erbil. Dr Ahmad dezye, On 15 th May, 2017 the college of physical education held the first student conference for the academic year 2016-2016. The President of  SUE had the inaugural speech and showed the enthusiastic of this new step of the college and emphasized on the role of academic sport in developing the community. Afterward Professor Hussein Hirani (the Dean of the college) had a short speech about this huge step of the college thanked and appreciated all the efforts that made by the students as well as the staff.

 The conference had two main parts; the poster presentations and research defend section.

Professor Hirani said,(this is our first student conference, and I am very pleased and satisfied with the student's presentations, of course there are some limited to some students but all in all, I am pleased by the results .As the dean ,I encourage all of my students to get involved in events that help to take the academic sport to the next level .)
Student Ahmad said (it has been a great opportunity to participate in such a nice and academic event, especially this is the first student conference ever; and I am proud to be part of it.)
This start of the college became after the new Dean has been selected, and the significant of this event will appear soon since the college has planned for the first international conference.