Health and Safety

Other Activities of Directorate of health and Safety

1st meeting of Directors of Health and Safety of Kurdistan Region

The first meeting of the directors of Health and Safety of Kurdistan Region in the Ministry of Higher Education on 5\10\2015



We visited and audited the Reception that shared between some of the colleges and Directorates on 12\10\2015


Central Library of Salahaddin University-Erbil

We visited and audited the Central Library of Salahaddin University on 3\11\2015

Science Laboratory- Chemistry

We visited and audited the Laboratories of Chemistry department in College of Science on 17\11\2015


Agriculture Laboratories

We visited and audited the Laboratories of the College of Agriculture on 17\11\2015


The Damaged Asbestos Wall

The Committee of Health and Safety at Salahaddin University took some pictures of the Building wall that covered with damaged Asbestos in front of the Precedency of University on the other side, and sent them to the KRG-board for the protection of the Environmentand improvement of the Environment on 18\11\2015


1st meeting of the Directorate of Health and Safety

The first meeting of the director of Health and Safety of University with the Health and Safety committee members of the Colleges at cultural center of University on 24\11\2015


College of Civil Engineering

We visited and audited College of Civil Engineering on 26\11\2015


Scientific Research Center

We visited and audited the Research center on 29\11\2015


College of Law and Politics

We visited and audited the runway Halls of the college of Law and Politics on 1\12\2012


Activity of the College of Basic Education

We visited and shared the events of Basic Education College on 1\12\2015


College of Agriculture

We visited and audited Labs of the college of Agriculture on 20/12/2015


On the occasion of World Health and Safety in working areas, we had several activities in the Females residence of (18 Shubat) on 27/4/2013 at (4-6) O'clock.

The first activity was a competition between students of college of science and college of education, on the topic of contagious disease. The second activity was about not wasting water. For the purpose of maintaining a healthy life style, an activity was done about eating healthy foods instead of junket food. Finally, a lady was chosen among the students as Miss healthy (The Queen of health).


A competition on health was made among the health friends (selected among the college's student) about Tuberculosis disease and self protection from heart diseases and heart Strock by controlling blood pressure. This activity took 3 hours from (9-12) on Saturday 6/4/2013.


An activity was done with Zhyan organization in the form of a competition with the logo of (Together training turns into fun) between the studentsof (Layla Qasime) dormitory and (18 Shubat) dormitory students on 23/2/2013 for two hours. Five students won the first place and received their prizes.


In the health and safety directorate we created a Booklet with the title of (Chemical Hygiene plane) and it was given to all the universities of kurdistane region and the colleges that have chemical Labs.