College of Languages

 Scientific Trip to Turkey 

On Sunday, 18th of Dec, 2016, a group of teachers and students from Turkish department started their scientific trip to Mardin University in Turkey.

The group included several teachers, namely Naznaz Tofiq, Sinan Dlshad and Hunar Issa as well as 22 students from Turkish department.

The group stayed there for 12 days and they exchanged plenty of information about Turksih and Turkish literature.



Cleaning of College of Languages

On Tuseday, November 22th, 2016, for the second time under the supervision of dean, Dr.Attif Farhadi, a group of volunteers cleaned college of langtuages to keep the enviornment clean for the students and studying process.



The Opening Ceremony of Turkish Department’s New Building

 The opening ceremony of Turkish department’s new building was celebrated in the college of languages on Sunday 9/10/2016 . The reconstruction of the building was supervised by a Turkish organization known as (TIKA) that already it had carried out the process of reconstruction and mending of some other schools and projects in Kurdistan. It is worth mentioning that the Turkish consul in Erbil and the assistant of the head of (TIKA) attended the ceremony.

Also, the member of the both committees of education, and higher education in the Kurdistan parliament attended the ceremony and they were all welcomed by Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dezaye the president of Salahaddin University, Dr. Atif A. Farhadi the dean of the college of languages, Mr. Talhat Tahir Hamadali the assistant of the dean, Mr. Jutyar Ali in charge of university committee, and the head and the staff of Turkish department.



The 35th Round of Graduates in the Salahaddin University

 On Thursday, 30th of July,2016, the 35th congregation ceremony was held with the presense of the president of Salahaddin university, the deans of the colleges and institutes.

It is worthy of mentioning that the dean of the college of languages, Dr. Attf Farhadi, formed a few committies to prepare for that event a few days before the ceremony.As a result, college of languages participated in the ceremony actively.

The dean offered his warm congratulations to the successful students and hoped a very bright future for all of them.

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Cleaning Process in the College of Languages 

On Thusday,10th of May,2016, the assistant of the dean, some of the teachers and students along with the employees of the college of languages cleaned the garden and planted some trees and flowers. 


A Festival in German Department

On Thursday, the 14th of April 2016, German department prepared a festival with the presence of the president of the Salahaddin university , the dean of the college of languages, the teachers, the employees and the students.

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Iranian Universites' Book Fair 

 On Tuseday, The dean of the college of languages Dr.Attif Farhadi visisted the Iranian universities' book fair in the minstery of education.Further, this book fair takes eight days ,from 1st March 2016 to 8th March 2016. 


Sahdulla Abbas Rasheed visisted the college of languages

On 25th Feb 2016 , the vice president of Salahaddin university for students' issues, Sahdulla Abbas Rasheed visisted the college of languages.The dean of the college of languages Dr.Attif Farhadi welcomed him warmly.

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 Welcoming a Delegation from the French Embassy to Baghdad and the French Institute

 Today, 22d Feb 2016, the dean , Dr.Attf Farhadi welcomed a a delegation from the French embassy to Baghdad and  the French Institute.The delegation included Terry Dana, the vice manager of the intectuall relationship and Jan Bordi ,the Head of the French Institute.After a long heated scientific  discussion, on the recommendation of Dr.Attf Farhadi, the delegation promised to help the French department and send them  French books as well as opening train courses for the teachers.



Welcoming a Delegation from the University of Shahid Bahashti

Today, 22d Feb 2016, the dean , Dr.Attf Farhadi welcomed a delegation from Shahid University in Islamic Republic of Iran. The delegation included the dean of the college of languages and arts, and the head of the international relationship of the mentioned university. After a long heated scientific  discussion, on the recommendation of Dr.Attf Farhadi, the delegation promised to help the Persian department and send them  persian books as well as opening train courses for the teachers.


A Conference on the Anniversary of International Mother Language Day

Today, 21st Feb 2016,the intelligence committee of the language college held a conference entitled'' Language is the Identity for our Nation'' on the anniversary of International Mother Language Day(IMLD).The conference takes two days, on the firest day, Dr. Attf Farhadi , the dean of the college welcomed the guests warmly.Furthur, Dr.Mzgin Abdulraheem presented a seminar entitled ''The Dangers on Mother Language''.Later, Dr.Raheem Surkhwi gave a seminar entitled'' The Relationship between Critical Thinking and Mother Language''.It is wothy mentioning that alot of teachers and students attened the conference.On the second day of the conference, Dr.Mawlood Ibrahim and Dr.Sahd Qazi give two seminars entitled '' The Origion of The Language of Human Being'' and Mother Language and the Methods of Education'' subsequently.



A Play  Acted Out In College of Languages

Today, 31st Janauary 2016,the Koya theatre team acted out a play entitled One of Us Should not Be Here in the theatre hall,in college of languages.



A Japanese Intellect in College of Languages

 Today, 31st Janauary 2016, the dean of the college of the languages welcomed a Japanese intellect named (Kinoshita Akinobo).In a seminar, Kinoshita explained how Japan managed to rebulid itselt after the The World War II and he wrote a book about Peshmarge and on the cover he wrote" every Japanese must read this book to know the Kurdish force,Peshmarge.












The Translation and Language Consultative Bureau(TTLCB) opnes courses for those who  want to learn the languages ,(English,Kurdish,Turkish, German,French,Persian and Japanese).Those who want to take the courses can visit the bureau to register their names.Further, the bureau offers special diacount for employees, teachers,students  and the childern of martyrs.



The Official Decision of the University Council

  On Thursday, 14th  Jan 2106, the university council of Salahaddin decided to open certain evening departemts in Salahadddin university.


A Seminar about Google Site

On Tuseday ,12th January 2016, a seminar was presented by( Twana Muhammed Ali) about  how to create Google site, in Yaqubi hall.

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Honoring the Kurdish National Flag Day

On Thursday, 17th December 2015, A party was held in the college of languages to celeberate the Kurdish Flag day.It is worthy mentioning that the dean, the dean assistant,the employees and the students attended the party.


Receiving and Welcoming the New Students to the College of Languages to the Year 2015-2016

On the behalf of the dean of college of languages, we welcome the new students to the college of languages to the Year 2015-201, and we wish them the best of luck and suceess in their studies.



Student Requirements to Contact the College for study year 2015-2016

1-The sixth grade certificate with the stamp of the education directorate.

 2-A colorful copy of  Iraqi identity.

 3. A colorful copy of  identity card.

 4.Eight colorful photographs.

 5. A colorful copy of personal informative card.

 6. Two colorful copies of The  food card.

 7.A support eye-examination paper by an examination  committee.

 8-A guarantee paper .


 A Seminar about the Impact of Art and Literature on Patriotism

On Thursday, 26th November 2015, the representatives of the Student Union Organization along with the committee of media and educational activity of the college invited Qader Qachakh , who is a poet and  a pshemarga  to deliver a seminar about the Impact of Art and Literature on Patriotism in Yahqubi hall. The dean of the college of languages, the assistant dean , a lot of teachers and students attended the seminar.

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The New Dean Started Working

On Thursday, 26th November 2015, the teachers and the employees of the college of languages attended in a ceremony in Haqubi hall which was held for Dr. Hattf Abdulla Farhadi as he started working as the new dean of the college of languages, and for honoring and respecting Dr.Shadan Jameel for his great service during his period of working as the dean of the college of languages.



Scientific Title Promotion

 The dean of the college of languages,Dr.Shadan Jameel offered his congratulations to Dr.Muhseen Ahemd and Dr. Raheem Qadir on their scientific title promotion to (assistant professor).




On Monday, 23 November 2015, The president of Salahaddin university, the assistant  president of Salahaddin university, the deans of the colleges and the heads of administrative units participated in a seminar entitled'' Installing  Electronic System in the Administrative Departments of Salahaddin University''  delivered by Dr.Dilan  






Sherzad Haini in College of Languages


On Wednesday, 18th November 2015,Sherzad Haini was invited to the college of languages who is a novelist to deliver a seminar about his experience in writing novels .It is worth mentioning that now he is busy with writing the history of Erbil city. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Shadan distributed 50 novels over the attendants.



Goethe  Institute Library Opened in German Department


On Wednesday, 18th November 2015, Dr. Ahemd  Dzayee, the Salahaddin university president, the dean of the college of languages, Dr.Shadan Jameel , Gabrel, the president of Goethe Institute, and his assistant opened  Goethe Institute Library  in German department.



A Seminar about IREX 2016 Program

 On Tuesday, 17th November 2015, a seminar was held by Dr. Fatim Hussein about IREX program for 2016.The program offers financial help for those who pass a competition which is set by IREX. The chosen candidates are funded by IREX to travel to America to develop their study and developing teaching system.


We announce all those who want to learn languages, that our translation and language consultative Bureauopens some courses for the languages, (Kurdish, English, Persian, French, Turkish and German).The courses start on 1st  December 2015.

For registration, visit the head of the departments in the college of languages.

Contact numbers: 0662527504   or   0662562810

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A Seminar was Held in Persian Department

On sunday, 8th  September 2015, a seminar ,under the title '' The Signs of  Water, wind and Fire in Shanama  '' ,was presented by Dr. Jihad in the Persian department. The teachers of the Persian department were attended and they enriched the seminar  with their questions and there was a heated scientific conversation among the attendants.


A Delegation from college of languages-Salahaddin university to Leipzig University
A delegation from college of languages-Salahaddin university ,leaded by the dean (Dr.Shadan Jameel Abbas) along with two members, the dean assistant( Mr.Talhat Tahir) and Dr. Awat Yahqub ,the head of German department visited Germany -Leipzig university ,on the purpose of developing German department and solving the problems related to it. On the first day, the delegation had two meetings, one with Prof. Malt Maya and the other one with Prof. Christian and German justice members in Art faculty-Leipzig university .After delivering the speech of the president of Salahaddin university( Dr.Ahmed Dzayee),the shed light on the problems and finding solutions and how to develop the departments of the College of languages. Also, they talked making a strong relationship between Salahaddin university and Leipzig university. Further, they shed light on how to make the study programs suitable with the market and giving opportunity to the students to finish postgraduate study in Germany.


An Iranian Consulate Delegation Visited College of Languages

   On Wednesday, 7th September 2015, an Iranian Consulate delegation visited College of Languages and they were warmly welcomed by the dean,Dr.Shadan Jameel Abass  and The dean assistantMr. Talhat Tahir Hamad Ali, and some of the heads of the departments. In a  meeting, the delegation expressed the goal of their visit to College of Languages which consists of three points:

1-Strengthening the scientific relationship between college of languages and other Iranian colleges.

2-Cooprating with each other to organize scientific trips for students of Persian department to the Iranian university, especially Urmya university.

3-Providing books to Persian department and preventing pamphlets.

At the end of the meeting, the dean appreciated the delegation and he hoped this cooperation  continues to serve students and education process.



The New German Staff Started Working

  On Sunday, 4th  September 2015, the dean,Dr.Shadan Jameel Abass  warmly  welcomed the new staff of German department, and he offered  them his congratulations on starting to work. Also, he wished them success in delivering information and science to the students.



Honoring Dr.Ali Koza Raqei

  On Sunday, 4th  September 2015, the dean,Dr.Shadan Jameel Abass welcomed Dr.Ali Koza Raqei who was a teacher in Arabic department,but  now he is retired. The dean ,Dr.Shadan honored and rewarded him as showing respect and gratitude for his service in the College of  Languages. Further, the dean hoped he has a long and healthy life. 



Scientific doctoral Examination Took Place in Collage of Languages.

       Yesterday, on 21September 2015,those who have MA(master degree) in Kurdish and Arabic departments took scientific doctoral examination, in Collage of Languages .It is worth mentioning  the dean ,Dr.Shadan Jameel Abbas along with the teachers' representative to Salahaddin university ,Dr.Hattif Farhady were present there. They were watching the process of examination closely. It is noteworthy, the number of the chairs for doctoral study is (26) that are devoted for Kurdish department, in which (18) chairs for the Kurdish language and (8) chairs for Kurdish literature. Additionally, (5) chairs are devoted for Arabic department, in which (2) chairs for the Arabic language and the other (3) chairs are for Arabic literature.


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The  Top Three Graduates From departments of Collage of Languages Started Working

   Yesterday,on 20 September 2015, the top three graduates from departments of Collage of Languages,after two years of waiting to get appointed,started working as ( assistant researcher).In a meeting, The dean ,Dr.Shadan Jameel Abbas, welcomed  them warmly .After offering his congratualtions,he hoped and wanted them to do thier duties successfully and sincerely. 



A Preparation for the New Year of Studying

 On Wednesday 02/ 09/ 2015, Dr. Shadan Jameel (The Acting Dean of the College of Languages), to have a preparation for the new year of studying, had a meeting in the college with the Head of all Departments and the Head of Quality Insurance. In the meeting, they focused on their duty and the activities of quality insurance department. Another main point of the meeting was talking about the second setting exam in 2014-2015. 


A delegation of Van University Visits College of Languages

   A delegation of University of Van was welcomed by Dr Shadan (the Dean of College of Languages) in College of Languages. The delegation was consisted of Dr Wajhy Sonmiz (The Directorate of Kurdish Institute at University of Van) and Dr. Nasim Sonmiz (The Head of Kurdish Department at University of Uzungol in Van city. The purpose of their coming was to make the relation between Kurdish Department in College of Languages and other Kurdish Departments at other universities in Van city. 



 The Consulate of Iran and its Staff visit College of Languages

   On 21/ 01/ 2015 the new Consulate of Iran visited College of Languages. He was welcomed by the Dean of the College and the Assistant of the Dean, and then the Consulate of Iran visited the Persian Department and had a nice conversation with students in the Persian Department. 











Celebrates the Anniversary of Finding Kurdistan Student Union Organization

   On 18/ 02/ 2015, College of Languages in Erbil celebrated the anniversary of Finding Kurdistan Student Union Organization. The Dean of College of Languages, the Assistant of the Dean of College of Languages, the Assistant of the President of University of Salahaddin, some political persons, several Head of the Departments, teachers and students were attended the celebration.