College of Agriculture

College cleaning expedition

      On Tuesday morning 28/04/2015, on the occasion of the global day for health and safety. The deanship of the college of agriculture in corporation with the health and safety committee and with the attendance of Mr. Assit. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulkarim the dean of the college by agent and Mr. Soran the dean assistant, a number of department chairmen, employers and college students, a cleaning expedition was done at various places in the college. Later for the same purpose of beautifying college gardens, a coloured car tyre was shown as a beautified vase which were supervising by Mrs. Shiraz Abdulkhalq. Later, the health and safety committee in the students club gave some special health advises to college students by Mr.Dr. Ramadhan Yousif  Muhammad for the purpose of general cleaning in all different college departments. 



Agriculture collage emphasis its support to Peshmarga and condemn ISIS terrorism in Erbil


     In Tuesday25/11/2014 morning at 10 am, social committee of agriculture collage has prepared public march for the teachers, employees and students with the present of dean of collage (Dr. Sardar Yassin Sardary) and (Dr. Ramazan Yousuf Muhammad) represent of collage teachers, and (Hemin Qadir) represent of employees and (Yunis Ahamd Ibrahim) represent of student that they represented speech for supporting Peshmarga in the war against ISIS terrorism, and condemn terrorism activities in Erbil city which leaded to martyr nad wound of many civil people in Erbil. 





Collage activities. November 2014

     With the purpose of supporting Kurdish brothers in east Kurdistan, in Tuesday morning 18/11/2014, group of collage dean that were consisted of special aid committee of collage employees delivered to kawrgosk camp in the Erbil, and they were welcomed by administration of the camp.