College of Agriculture

The nameof students obtaining doctoral degree (2014-2015).

# Full Name  Thesis title Specialisation
1  Shno Salam Mahmmud

Entitled Bioactive components of selected types of  legumes in relation ship to Functional Food develoment

Food Technology


Ahang Hassan Maulood


3 Sazan Mumtaz Haidari  

Porous silicon nanoparticles as a carrier for folic acid , mitomycin c and tamoxifen for potential anti cancer therapies

Biomedical Engineering
4 Khanzad Khudhir Jarjees 

Spa Gene and antibiogram typing of staphylococcus aureus isolated from different clinical sources in Erbil city

5 Shamiran Mahmood Tofiq

Molecular study of Psedomonas aeruginosa isolated from cystic fibrosis disease compared with other infection in kirkuk city



Nawzad Bawakir Qadir


Plant Protection


The name of students obtaining a master's degree for the year 2014-2015

# Full Name  Thesis title  Specialisation

Triska Mohammed Aziz

 Production and Utilization of Cereal Syrups in different confectionaries. Food Technology
2-  Soz Salah Abdullah
 Production of Pectinase Enzyme by Local Isolates of (Aspergilhus niger)and Application Food Technology
3-  Sara Omer Swar   Study the antibacterial effect of some probiotic strains and food extracts on isolated Helibacter Pylori Food Technology

Shno Salam Mohammed 

Utilization of Physical methods on cereal & -amylase production Food Technology
5- Salar Ali Mahmood   Locally Black Grapes  Anthoyanins, Extraction and characterization. Food Technology
6- Avin Sabir Karim  Effect of chemical composition of irrigation water on ion pairing some chemical properties of calcareous soil and plant growth Soil and Water
7- Banaz Mohammed Mustafa   Iron oxides rich Soils detection using Geoinformatics in sulaimai Governorate  Soil and Water
8- Qaraman Qadir Maulood   Iron oxide Mineralogy of Soils from Asnawa area using different techniques.  Soil and Water
9- Kazhal Farhad Hassan  Characterization, classification and desertification sensitivity of soils in erbil Governorate plains – Iraqi kurdistan Region  Soil and Water
10- Hawar Abdulrazzaq Sediq  Characterization of soil attributes from landsat satellite images for some sites in Iraq Kurdistan Region  Soil and water
11- Yahya AbdulMun'im Sabri
 Application of the DRIS approach for assessing the effect of various levels of (P&K) on growth, yield and oil content of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).  Soil and Water
12- Nazhat Hassen Chicho   Performance efficiency of two types of Sub soiler tine (Conventional and modified) under corn cropping  Soil and Water
13- Beza Rizgar Mohammed  Effect of potassium and nitrogen on nutrient balance of whaet (Triticum durm . L . smito) yeild and protin content using  D.R.I.S . method  Soil and Water
14-  Drakhshan Rasool Abdurrahman  Land evaluation for Erbil plain area for wheat production using remote sensing and GIS  Soil and Water
15- Rozhan Sirwan Nuri  Spatal distribution of kaolininte and palygorskite and its relatationship to soil development in some selected areas from Iraqi Kurdistan  Soil and Water
16- Kazhin Sarbaz Rajab  Limiting of some groundwater quality index for irrigation purpose in erbil plain  Soil and Water
17- Hardy Kakakhan Awla  Influence of magnetized water on the ability of nutrient uptake and the growth of two cultivars of  Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) seedings  Forestry
18- Ruzhdi Rokan Aziz  Effect of Potassium, Boron levels and Irrigation Intervals on Drought Resistance of (Cupressus arizonica) Seedlings.  Forestry
19-  Mohannad Ayub Mustafa  Plant Distribution and Adaptation of Crested Wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum ) in choman and Soran Forestry
20- Narin Siamand Ali  Nutriient Content of Some Trees and Forest Soils in different Sites and Seasons at Higran and Zawita.  Forestry
21- Sara Dasko Yuonis  ( Bio – Ecological Study of grape leafhoppers Arboridia kurdistani sp . nov.(Homoptera:Cicadellidae) in Erbil city )  Horticulture
22- Hakar Abdulqahar Ahmad  Effect of humic acid, Iiguorice extetion and flower pinching on three Varieties of Strawberry (Fragaria X ananassa, Douch).   Horticulture
23- Bayan Rokan Aziz  Effect of Different levels of (NPK) and Boron on Growth Characteristic and Yield Components of pea (Pisum Sativum).  Horticulture
24-  Aram Omer Fattah
 Genetic Diversity among Local and Commercial Turkey Breeds Using RAPD-PCR technique. Animal Resources
25-  Ayhan Jalal Khalil  The effect of Hot Red epper (Capsicum Annum) and Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) on Performance and Some Biochemical Traits of Broiler Ross 308 chicks Animal Resources
26- Parizan Wshyar Ibrahim  Effect of Crossing between Local Lines with Isa Brown on peformance Trails of Their Chicks. Animal Resources
27- Dilman Dler Maulood
 (Effect of Eucalyptus Leaves Additives on  productive Traits in Broiler Breeders) Animal Resources
28- Shireen Thahir Mohammed
 The effect of thermal manipulation during embryonic period on post hatch thermo tolerance, chich quality and productive performance in broilers. Animal Resources
29- Chro Mohammed Ramzi
 Taxonomic Study of ground beetles ( Coleoptera: Carabidae) in some Localities of  Kurdishtan region – Iraq.  Plant Protection
30- Dalya Khasro Jabbar  Integrated pest management for Bean damping – off and root rot disease in Erbil governorate, Iraq, Kurdistan region.  Plant Protection
31- Dilzar Hama Maulood  Bio- ecological study of some insect pests of some vegetable crop in the family: Solanaceae in Grdarasha research Station(Erbil).   Plant Protection

Nasik Sherzad Salih

 Investigation and Biological control of wheat- Fusarinm- Diseases in kurdistan region).   Plant Protection
33- Hozan Qaadir Hama-Murad  Taxonomic study of leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Some Localities of Kudistan Region - Iraq   Plant Protection
34-  Sumaya Ahmad Abdullah  Survey for bird Seed mixtures entered to Iraqi Kurdistan Region Field Crops
35-  Shayey Adib Gharib  Response of Some Genotypes to Different Sowing Dates and its Effect on Growth , Yield and Quality of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)  Field Crops
36- Kazhal Kamal Mohammed  Effect of Topping Process in quantitative and qualitative characters for some cotton genotypes Gossypium hirsuium  Field Crops
37- Nasik Jawhar Ahmad  Influence of Water Stress on some physiological Triats of Wheat (Tricitcum aestivum L.) Cultivars.  Field Crops
38- Bilal Ibrahim Mohammed  Effect of Plant density on growth, seed yield and oil content of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)  genotypes  Field Crops
39- Raad Hussein Salih  A Study on competition between canary grass phalaris canariensis and wheat varaities Triticum SPP Field Crops