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©UNESCO Iraq, 20102nd AVICENNA Project Workshop (Philadelphia University - Jordan, 11-15 April 2010)

As part of UNESCO Iraq Office support towards the establishment of Avicenna Virtual Campus for Science and Technology in Iraq, 19 technical staff and professors from the Universities of Baghdad, Basra and Salahaddin participated in the second training workshop for online course development in the Avicenna Center of the University of Philadelphia-Jordan on 11-15 April.

Within the framework of “Training of Trainers in Teacher Education for Sustained Quality Education” project and UNESCO’s activities to enhance teacher education in Iraq, UNESCO is supporting the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research towards the development of the Avicenna Virtual Campus in Iraq (AVCI) to enhance the quality of teaching learning processes as well as to strengthen the quality of teacher training at all levels.

Three Avicenna Knowledge Centres have been established at the Universities of Baghdad, Basra and Salahaddin. These centres have then been linked up with those belonging to the Avicenna Virtual Campus in Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the UK.

       19 Iraqi professors and technical experts attended the second training workshop that took place at the Avicenna Center of the University of Philadelphia to ensure completion of the first on-line modules in Iraq. The Director of the Avicenna Knowledge Centre at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Turkey) attended the workshop to strengthen regional ties and share best practices for course development with their Iraqi counterparts. In the first workshop that took place in November 2009, the Iraqi team met experts from the “Universidad Politecnica de Valencia” (Spain).

UNESCO has extended the Avicenna network to Iraq in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the universities of Baghdad, Basra and Salahaddin. The Iraqi virtual campus contributes to promote partnership between Iraqi universities and International Universities. The three Avicenna centres in Iraq are already able to use the modules developed by the Avicenna network over the past five years. Ultimately, each Iraqi university will produce modules of its own which will then be pooled among the institutions participating in both the Avicenna Campus and the recently established African Virtual Campus.

Openning Ceremony of UNESCO VIRTUAL CAMPUS PROJECT & SUE AVC Center2012

His Excellency Minister Dr.Ali & The President of Salahaddin University Dr.Ahmed Dezay and the UNESCO  AVC Project Director Mrs.Semia Saadaoui and The UNESCO Parise Office Coordinator Prof. Dr.Miloudi



 UNESCO Delegation Meeting held on 2014 , with SUE President Assisst.Prof. Dr.Ahmed Dezay , Assisst.Prof.Dr.Mohammed Aziz ( The Academic Director ) , Assisst.Prof.Dr.Ismail Musa Murad( SUE AVC Center Director), and Prof.Dr.Qaysar Salih Mahdi ( SUE AVC Technical Team Manager) ,

Salahaddin University Team

1. Assisst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dizayee, President of SUE ( The main supervisor ).

2.Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ismail Hamarash (Vice President )
2. Assisst. Prof. Dr. Ismail Musa Murad (AVC Manager).

3. Prof. Dr. Qaysar Salih Mahdi (Pedagogical Expert & Technical Team Manager ).

Mrs. Semia Saadaoui / HE Project Manager / s.saadaoui@unesco.org
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Miloudi UNESCO – HQ. AVC Expert
Mr. Khoshnaw Khalid, UNESCO and Ministry of Higher Education Coordinator.
Mr. Maqsood S. Mohammed – AVCI Focal Manager / maqsood.mohammed@mhe-krg.org
Mrs. Reem Al-Bustani / r.al-bustani@unesco.org

Technical Experts

1) Dr. Moaed Bilal Othman
2) Mr. Ammar Omer Hassan

Educational Expert

Dr.Rezan Ibrahim Ali

 ICT Technicians 

1) Assisst. researcher  Bnar Dilshad Kakel

2) Software Eng. Lana Abdullah Aziz
3) Software Eng. Hezha Mohammed Ahmed
4) Researcher Srwa Muhammed Muhammed Amin.

5)  Technical operator Rozhan Khalid hamad amen





AVC Internet Network for Algeria





 Editted and published by Prof.Dr.Qaysar Salih Mahdy & Assist. Prof. Dr.Ismail Musa Murad