e-Learning Center


 On 16-18/4/2017, M- Learning Workshop  on Title of

`  Deveopling the performance of Salahadding Teachers in producing the E-Quiz and E-assessment by Using M-Learning Technology `


`  Developing the performance of Salahadding Teachers in producing the E-Quiz and E-assessment by Using M-Learning Technology `

 In order to develop the performance of Salahaddin university teachers , AVC E- Learning center prepared the advanced workshop on title ( `  Developing the performance of Salahadding Teachers in producing the E-Quiz and E-assessment by Using M-Learning Technology `) .

Activity Seminar on Space Exploration

   Two groups of grade 3 from Ihsan Doublamaci  Bilkent Erbil kampusu during 19-20/2/2017 , attended this activity and the Director of AVC E-Learning Center ( Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismail Musa Murad ) .

The Director of E-Learning center presented his lecture on the title ( Space Exploration ) .

Space Exploration and uses of Technology instrument (Past, Present, and Future)

In this seminar the focus was on their demands on the title mentioned above, along with Power Point Presentation on  ABC…Z ,  introduction on space exploration lasted for one hour with giving MCQS as a Power Point Presentation for both group A and B for about 50 students on Sunday: 9:00- 10:00 and Monday 9:00- 10:00  in the general  Hall of E- Learning center according to their official paper demand .

Lecture Outlines:

Astronomy is one of the oldest of natural sciences is astronomy it was actually originated due to the religious, mythological, and astrological practices in the ancient times. Astrological prediction used astronomical data by some civilization.

1-Humans began Space Exploration on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union, which we now call Russia, launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth.

2-The Soviets (aka Russians) also achieved the first piloted space flight on April 12, 1961.

3-The first cosmonaut (this is what Russians called astronauts) was Yuri Gagarin. He orbited Earth in a ship named Vostok.

The main purpose of a telescope is to magnify. Telescopes do magnify

but their main job is to collect as much light as possible (to see faint or distant objects) and to provide greater resolution (the ability to see detail).

Learning about the universe requires the proper methods and tools. These include telescopes of increasing size and quality located in the best locations on Earth or in space; satellites orbiting Earth, other planets or the sun; computers and simulations; high quality detectors such as CCDs; and innovative theories, based on the laws of physics, to explain observations and make predictions. Analyzing light, and the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), is the only way to study distant objects.


Assist. Prof.

 .  Dr. Ismail Musa Murad

                                                                                                                          21 /2/2017  





6th International Conference and Workshop on Basic and Applied Sciences

Participation of the Director of E-Learning Center ( Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismail Musa Murad ) in the event of ICWOBAS 2017 , which has been held on 18-19th of April 2017 in Erbil .


This conference was organized between Salahaddin university and UTM university and UNAIR University .

The program of the conference envisages careful consideration of the recent science & Technology on Biology, Mathematics , Chemistry and Physics .

The following papers are presented by Dr. Ismail with his colleagues ;

1-      Investigation of Period Variation for RS CVn Binary Star RT And.

2-      Photo metric analysis of AP Leo.

3-      Light pollution : An Environmental Risk on Mankind.



On 14/2/2017 Openning New  Workshop  on Title

( Cyber Security and E-Banking Challanges ) 

According to AVC E-Learning Plan for 2017 to develop the security systems of the Banks and Financial organizations in Kurdistan .

AVC E-Learning Center & Erbil Stock Exchange Market opened workshop in order to present the new technology of E-Banking by usng the Cyber Security Technologies.

Two seminars are presented one on title  of

(E-Banking Developmeny by Using New   Cyber Security Systems against the Electronic Crime )

by Prof.Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy the technical Team manager of AVC Center and the second by Dr.Khalid Waleed from Amir university /Malysia on title

( E-Banking & Cyber Security and the requirements for banks and financial organizations against the electronic Crime ) 


On Jan,31,2017 , workshop activity on title `Developing E-Course Production Assessment  by Quiz Creation using Macromedia Flash MX2004`  

On Jan,31,2017 workshop activity was presented by IT expert Suzan Aziz Mohamed  under supervision of Prof. Dr. Kaiser S. Mahdy. This workshop is prepared in order to enhance the experts and experience of the AVC Center staff and updating the center IT experts about the new technologies in the field of E-Course production.


Openning the Second Teaching Methods Course on 29/1/2017 in Salahadding University 


In order to upgrade and promote the teachers qualifications towards the standards of the teaching and learning , On the honor of Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dezaye Attendance Salahadding University with the Teaching Methods Center openned the second Treaning Methods Course in the Cultural and Social Center of Salahaddin University on 29/1/2017.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dezaye opened the new training course and welcomed all the attendees and participants and confirmed the ability of Salahaddin university to overcome the economy challenges through continues distinguished activities and efforts , also upgrading and promoting the Ph.D. and M.Sc. holders trainees with the new technology of the E-Learning which is activated and established in the Avicenna E-Learning Center .

Dr. Firhad the director of the Teaching Methods Center introduced and presented the course program which will start on 5/2/2017 for six months .

The attendees instructors presented their positions and brief courses as follows ;

Prof. Dr. Fatima the university curriculum department.

Assist. Prof. Omar the teaching methods 

Assist. Prof. Ismail Musa Murad the director of the AVC E-Learning center presented the history of the center and the training material of the E-learning course.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Qaysar Salih Mahdy , the technical team manager of the AVC E-Learning center presented in brief the material of the E-Learning course , the purpose of the E-Learning Technology , the process of the E-Course production and publication , in addition to the quality control and quality assurance of the E-Course according to the UNESCO standards of the Virtual Campus Project in Iraq and Arab countries .

Dr. Hewa the director of the Salahaddin university center presented the purpose of the teaching methods and his course material in brief.








On Jan,17,2017 workshop activity title on `Developing E-Course Production By using the 3D Camtasia Studio`

On Jan,17,2017 workshop activity was presented by IT expert Eng. Lana Abdulah  under supervision of Prof. Dr. Kaiser S. Mahdy and. This workshop is prepared in order to enhance the experts and experience of the AVC Center staf and updating the center IT experts about the new technologies in the field of E-Course production.


Prof.Dr. Kaiser presented sample of the power point and video E-Lecture by using the Camtasia studio Technology.







Workshop on E-Assessment Held in AVC E-Learning Center

on 3-4-5/1/2017

Development of E-Assessment & E-Test in Virtual Campus Project 


According to the development plan  for the year 2017, SUE AVC E-Learning Ceter started advanced workshop for three days on the tittle of 

(E-Assessmet & E-Test Development for the on line Virtual Campus Project )

The attendees  from Salahaddin colleges collaborated and shared the seminers and tutorials presented by Dr.Ismail Musa Murad & Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy by deep and scientific discussions .

The workshop program contains the following activities ;

1.Introduction to  SUE AVCE E-Learning Center  afacilities by Dr.Ismail Musa Murad ,

2.Introduction to the UNESCO Virtual Campus Project  and E-Learning Process,

3.E-Carriculam and Pedagogical Model for the On line University ,by Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy 

4.The UNESCO standards of E-Courses and E-Lectures by Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy 

5.The E-Aeessment and E-Test Technology and the developing of the E-Assessment in the E-Carriculam 

By Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy

6.The Assessment and Quality Assurance of the E-Carriculam By Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy

7. Tutorial and practical workshop on the production of the E-Lecture and E-Courses , By Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy ,

8.Tutorial and practical workshop on the E-Assessment production and publishment on the university website.



Workshop held on 10/11/2016 in ESX Erbil Stock Exchange 


titled on Babylon Fund Project of The Sweeden Investment Bag




This workshop presented by Dr. Dara Maghdeed Who is Ph.D holder in Mathmetics and MB from University of Land / Sweed  .


In this workshop the lecturer presented his experience concerning the Babylon Funds project for Iraq for the period 2006-2013.


Prof. Dr. Kaiser S.Mahdy with attendees from A Cademic university of Finance and Banks Science studies and from Bank in Erbil and Iraq collaborated this workshop.





Workshop held on 8/11/2016 

Developing the Production Process by using Camatassia Studio Technology

This workshop was performed by Mr. Hazim Al Bustani from Medical college in Erbil in AVC E-Learning center on 8/11/2016 .

In this workshop the new technology of producing the e-lecture in learning has been presented by using the Camtassia Studio Techology.

Prof.Dr. Kaiser S.Mahdy presented his lecture and tutorial concerning the analysis of Camtassia Studio Technology in E-Learning .






Salahaddin University Avicenna E-Learning Center anticipated in the  3rd Economic Conference held in Erbil By KFCCI through the Period 9-10/10/2016 .


KFCCI ( Kurdistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and Erbil Chamber of Commerce & Industry , launced the 3rd Econimic Conference during the period 9-10/10/2016.

Professor Dr. Kaiser S.Mahdy the technical team manager of Avicenna E-Learning center invitaed to the conference and collaborated in the field of reinforcement the cooperation between Kurdistan and Iraqi universities with the publici and private developing projects.

The conference has six sessions and covered the following topics ;

First session : Public-Private Partnership(PPP) for Economic Development .

Second session :Economic Crisis Management 

Third session : Business & Investment Climate in Kurdistan 

Forth session :

 Vocational Education & Training for Private Sector Development .

Fifth session : Beyond Oil : Development of Alternative Economies .

Sixth session : Privat Sector Development in Higher Education .










On 20/9/2016, Blind Teachers improved Their Skills Towards

E-Learning Technology in Avicenna E-Learning Center 

Blind Lecturer Mr. Jegr Nathm Hussain      from college of Law Salahaddin University on 20l9l2016 improved his skills towards the E-Learning Technology and produced his on line lecture  according to the training course in Avicenna E-Learning Center through his contribution of the Methods of teaching course No.1 in the Directorate of continues Teaching which started on 17/8/2016.

He got the new standard UNESCO education process in producing his on line lecture through the support of Avicenna E-Learning center.






On 31/7/2016, Avicenna E-Learning Center started new initiative to develop the E-Commerce Infrastructure in Kurdistan Region.

According to the cooperation with Erbil ESX and the Union of Trade and Industrial Chambers in Kurdistan , Prof. Dr. Kaiser S.Mahdy verified successful visit in order to introduce the plan of AVC E-Learning Center towards developing the E-Commerce infrastructure in Kurdistan.

During this visit  ,Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat  and Prof. Dr. Kaiser S.Mahdy submitted the certificates of the E-Commerce workshop which was opened in AVC E-Learning Center .

Dr.Dara Jalil Khayat sent his warm regards to the president of Salahaddin University , Assist. Prof. Ahmed Anwar Dezeye and the Director of AVC E-Learning Center Assist. Prof. Ismail Musa Murad .

In this occasion  AVC E-Learning Center  proposed new workshop to the Erbil ESX and the Union of Trade and Industrial Chambers in Kurdistan Region which will discuss the challenges of E-Banking and the IVillage .




Promotion for Trainers Teaching Methods Course No. (20)



Promotion of E-Learning Technology and curriculum in teaching methods course No.20 on 17/7/2016 Salahaddin university through the initiative of Avicenna , E-Learning center, launched the E-Learning course in the teaching methods course No.20.



Upgrading of Salahaddin curriculum with the update technology of e- learning will install the infrastructure of the I Village( Intelligent Village)or(IV).


245 M.SC. and Ph.D. holders attended the E- course production course and gained the information and knowledge of  the following topics :


-Introduction to E-Learning and M-Learning and history.


- E-course curriculum design.


- E-course management and organization of the university website.


-E-course uploading to the university website.


-Audio &Video production process.




-AQAS (Avicenna Quality Assurance System).


-The AQAS cycle process.


A well-designed schduale is covering of( 9) hrs. of each group (A,B,C,D) and each group has 60 attendees self-designed activity from each trainers to produce the presentation in the Avicenna center studios which e-course and upgrades their knowledge and skills towords the e-lecture production via Timesheet Technology.


The produced e-lecture will be evaluated by the Avicenna center experts and then will be uploaded to Salahadden university web site. 











This workshop is openned in ESX Erbil for the period 10-11-12/5/2016.

Prof.Dr.Mohammed Berwari, the Chairman of Administrative Consul and Mr.Sherwan Anwar Mustafa openned this workshop event.

SUE AVC Center representative Prof.Dr.Qaysar S.Mahdy presented the first seminar on 10/5/2012 concerning the E-Commerce and New Technology







Advanced Workshop on 26-27-28/4/2016


                     (In Economy Science and Technology)

Enhancing Economy Quality and Marketing
in Public and Private Sectors

Prof. Dr. Kaiser Mahdy  & Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismail Musa Murad





Workshop Outlines

For more than a decade e-Commerce applications have made major impacts in their respective sectors, private and public. In this workshop we will present the following objectives;


1)     Introduction of modern E- Learning & M-Learning technologies towards developing e-Commerce , e-Government , e-Business and google business.

2)     Modern technologies and applications of e-Commerce, e-Business, e-Management, M-government and T- Government.

3)     Developing entity website graphics design and google application.

4)     Design and organization of entity website platform.

5)     Developing and upgrading entity website with E- Learning & M-Learning.

6)      Data center technology.

7)     Design e-Commerce lecturing and course production.

8)     Conclusions and suggestions.
















His Excellency Minister of Agriculture oppenned this workshop and Mr.Dara Jaleel Khayat presented the cooperation between ministry of Agricultutre and the Commercial and Industrial and Chambers of KRG Union .


Prof.Dr.Qaysar S.Mahdy attended the the workshop which is openned on 12/4/20 in the main conference Hall of Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Commerce Union of KRG Erbil



Workshop on Improving CT by on line technology 23-25-2-2016      su-elearningcenter.edu.krd

E-Critical thinking is an invaluable e-skill that students need to be successful in their professional and personal live. Instructors can be thoughtful and purposeful about creating e-learning objectives that promote lower and higher-level critical thinking skills, and about using on line technology to implement activities that support these learning objectives. Below are some additional resources about e- critical thinking.

Improving  CT( Critical Thinking) with E-Learning Technology 

SUE AVC center started the third workshop on 23-25 /3/2016 towards improving the CT skils  by integrating the students debating through the integration with E-Learning Technology.

Not less than 40 professors and lecturers attended this workshop which is concentrated for the debate lecturers in salahahaddin colleges and departments.

This event empowered by the collaboration of the Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Ismail Hamarah , the Vice president of Salahaddin university .

This workshop is prepared by SUE AVC center and the expert of CT lecturer Mohamed Abdulwahab from Basic education college.

This workshop comprises the following topices ;

1. CT and Debate e-learning  ,presented  by Lecturer Mohamed Abdul wahab ,

2.CT and Technology e- Learning, presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismail Musa Murad ,

3.Avicenna Pegogical Model presented by Prof.Dr. Kaiser S. mahdy.

4.Critical Thinking , presented by lecturer Asmaa Abas Ibrahim .

5.Integrating critical thinking and on line presented by Prof.Dr.Kaiser S.Mahdy.

Rules for E- Debate:

  • SEEK first to understand the statement, every word.
  • Project your voice.
  • Your personal experience is not the rule. Connect it to bigger example.
  • Restate the previous point made, make your point and move on.
  • General examples ok to start; make your point, SPECIFIC EVIDENCE.
  • Goal: This activity allows students to not only e-debate a point, but, like the fishbowl, analyze their communication skills. Additionally, by keeping the transcription log, students can actually see how they progress through the year.




    (A)             Recommendation

    In order to enhance and empower the student ability for critical thinking (CT).

    It is important to follow the following steps.

  • Needs different research and projects for the effects of using (IPHD) as a tool for education.
  • Shared papers and researches between the researchers of SUH on the new and modern techniques and (CT) studies along with new technology.
  • More researches and projects on (CT) methodology to be done in our university in order to look on the student achievement.
  • Concentration on the all part of (4c) i.e (Creativity), (Collaboration)), (Communication) and (critical thinking). To be discussed in more details by the debaters and instructors who teach the subject of Debate for the first year at our SUH.
  • Try to apply “Bring your Own Devices App” idea (BYOD) inside classroom at the SU.
  • Using the most of new techniques and technology related to the CT such as Android, SMART phone and iPAD.
  • Poster Design technology.
  • Applying Youth Technology program (YTP) for the students in the class room .
  • Try to access the programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) among students.
  • Concentrate on (SCALE-UP), which stands for Student Centered Activities, for large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs.
  • CT skills, reasoning, analyzing, evaluating, designation making and problem solving needs the following step to be available.

    It is essential to prepare student for the CT skills sadly speaking, we have lack of more sophisticated technique instrument which they are very handy, portable, and small size, and I recommend these following techniques for the managed class should be use.

  • GIMP
  • Sketch up 3D
  • Story telling Alice
  • Virtual – 3 D
  • Second life viewer          
  • Wiki
  • Blogs
  • Coding and encoding (“Codec”)
  • (B) : Recommendation on CT and E-learning Technology workshop. 16-2-201

    Integrating the CT Methodology to the on line learning management system (LMS).

    1-      Improving students skills through the on line CT facilities.

    2-      Improving the course design of CT curriculum though the university online website.

    3-      Interaction between students---student, teachers- teachers, teachers students, by applying the on line CT activities, such as,

    ----On line Presentation,

    ----On line Discussion,

    ----On line debating,

    ----On line Argumentation,

    ----On line researching,

    ----On line video Conferencing,

    ----On line editing,  

    ----On line authoring,

    ----On line Enrollment to the course material,

    ----On line Assessment,

    ----On line Team work,

    ----On line Negation,

    ----On line Affirmation,

    ----On line Postering,

    ……. Google CT

             Dr. Ismail Musa Murad                                                 Dr.Kaisar Mahdy Salah


    SUE AVC E-Learning Center launches a bond of seminars and workshops plan in the field of blind E-learning technology and different scientific fields for the year 2015-2016 .

    On 18/2/2016 four seminars were presented in our center  in different fields as shown in the below scheduale .




    UNESCO Monitoring & Following Director   Dr. Rebecca Polisteco   & Mr. Khalid Khoshnow ( MHESR ) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research   Kurdistan Collaborating Student Enrollment to Virtual Campus Project


    On 16.2.2016 SU AVC E-Learning center initiative workshop started to activate Salahaddin university students and Polytechnique university students on anticipating and enrollment to Virtual Campus Project and E-Courses through SU website.


    The workshop program includes the following ;


  • Welcome to UNESCO delegation.
  • Welcome to Polytechnique university students (3rd year IT).
  • UNESCO delegation message.
  • Introduction of SU AVC E-Learning center facilities and vision, mission towards improving the E-Technology by Dr. Ismai Musa Murad the director of AVC E-Learning center.
  • Workshop and tutorial presented by Prof. Dr. Kaiser .S.Mahdy about student's enrollment and e-course interaction of the E-Learning management system ELMS.
  • UNESCO Evaluation report on the workshop and tutorial presented by Prof. Dr. Kaiser S. Mahdy.

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismail Musa Murad had welcome the UNESCO Delegation Dr. Rebecca Polisteco & MHESR UESCO representative Mr. Khalid Khoshnow and sent the welcome message from Salahaddin university president Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dezaye in addition the warm welcome to the students of Polytechnique / College of Technical Engineering /Information Technology Department for their collaboration, interaction, discussions and attending this workshop.


    Dr. Rebecca Polisteco & Mr. Khalid Khoshnow were interacting and collaborated students and sent the UNESCO message to improve their enrollment to the UESCO Virtual Campus Project and discussing their problems, suggestions , vision and anticipation towards activating the e-course production of the ELMS .


    Dr. Rebecca Politeco was extremely happy to this interaction and collaboration and presenting UNESCO message regarding the student's enrollment to the Virtual Campus project.


    During her seminar, she was given some pieces of advice and suggestions to improve and solve the obstacles between student and the Virtual Campus Project.


    Prof. Dr. Kaiser S, Mahdy sent his warm welcome to the UNESCO delegation and Polytechnique university students and presented the SU website facilities to offer the user name and password to university students to download their courses in the near future.


    The outline of this Workshop are ;


  • Introduction to UNESCO VIRTUAL CAMPUS in Iraq to establish the benchmarks of the on line university.
  • Design & Organization of the E-Course on University website.
  • Design the e-lecture.
  • Students plan to produce their e-lectures, e-seminars, e-reports and e-projects through the E-Course University website.
  • Student's enrollment to download their e-course.
  • UNESCO report about Feedback of students to the workshop and tutorial.
  • Student's production to their e-lectures.
  • UNESCO delegation meeting with Dr. Ismail Musa Murad & Dr. Kaiser S. Mahdy .



    Highlights points of the UNESCO Meeting are ;


  • Discussing the problems, training, logistic, and facilities of the SU AVC Center.
  • Discussing the ways of improving the teachers and students towards producing their e-courses.
  • Discussing the suggestions proposed by Dr. Ismail and Dr. Kaiser to establish the E- Learning course curriculum to Salahaddin university departments and private universities in Kurdistan and Iraq.
  • Discussing the suggestions proposed by Dr. Kaiser to transfer the culture and knowledge of E-Learning Management system to private universities through activation continues programmed workshops. UNESCO is supposed to discuss this issue with the Minister of Higher education.
  • Improving SU AVC staff skills in order to upgrade their performance to the new technology in the E-Learning management system.
  • Discussing the support of UNESCO to assist the projects offered by SU AVC center such as ;

    6-1 E-School project to ministry of education,


    6-2 Blind project and UNESCO support to train blind teachers and students in Kurdistan towards the E-Learning technology and e-course production.


    6-3 Business skills program project   to improvement the performance of KRG ministries and departments.


    6-4 Workshops project for training private universities teachers and students towards the Virtual Campus Project. The project was submitted to Mr. Maqsood and Dr. Najdat Aqrawee the D.G of research and development in ministry of higher education.


    6-5 Requirements of the video conference project.


    6-6 Requirements of Multimedia Lab. project.


    6-7 Recommendation to our SU AVC E-Learning Center .


    6-8 Recommendation letter to Assist. Prof. Dr. ISMAIL MYSA MURAD .


    6-9 Recommendation letter to Prof. Dr. QAYSAR SALIH MAHDI.


    6-10 UNESCO Plan and problem with suggestions to launch the e-courses and virtual campus project .




    New Initiative Towards Developing the qualification of the Blind teachers and Blind students in Kurdistan.
    Teaching Methods 19 / Blind Project
    New Initiative Towards Developing the Blind teachers and Blind students in Kurdistan.
    Salahaddin University /SUE AVC E-Learning Center Promotion the UNESCO VIRTUAL CAMPUS PROJECT in Kurdistan and Iraq through supporting and helping blind teachers and students to produce their e-courses.
    During the 19th Teaching methods, initiated on 4.10.2015, the blind teachers found in our center the excellent opportunity to produce their e-courses and e-lectures.
    The target of our plan towards the developing the Virtual Campus Project in Kurdistan to be including the Blind Teachers and the blind students in the special Institute of Blinds in Erbil.
    The aim of our project is to give the Blind Teachers and students the suitable environment to be one of the active member in the society and to contribute and collaborate within the society progress.
    The Blind lecturer Ali Mohamed Ali  is invited to our center , from the special institute of Blinds in Erbil , to present his  e-lecture about the history in our center on 9.11.2015.


     Prof. Dr. Qaysar S. Mahdy apprecuiates the attendance  and collaboration of the lecturer M.Sc. Ali Mohamed Ali and explained to him how to improve the qualification of the Blind teachers and Blind students in the teaching process in Kurdistan . Warm welcoming presented to him and he is very enjoyed and interested to develop this project to all his colleages in the special institute of Blinds in Erbil.





    AVC SUE CENTER PLAN  Year 2015-2016

    Presenting Seminars About Students Enrollement 


    Enhancing Students E-Learning skills and Quality in Higher, Secondary and Primary levels.
    This plan is organized in order to promiote Students Interaction & Students Course Sharing in Salahadding university colleges and departments which will be the essential piller in the E-course production and Quiz assessments via AVC E-Learning Virtual Campus project..
    Also Keeping students engaged , Keeping students on track , Managing workload
    Main achievements concerning the students enrollment Avicenna Virtual Campus Project in Middle East countries (31/12/2006).
    • 14 Avicenna centres in the following countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain and Malta;
    • 140 416 students enrolled
    • The cost per student and per year is only 19€
    • 1000 teachers/ tutors trained
    • 206 online modules (20 hours) produced
    • Avicenna Virtual Library shared by the partners
    • 80 seminars organised
    • 6 films produced
    • 1500 blind students use via Internet the adapted online courses in 2007 (e-learning for blind students)


    Examples of Collaborative Online Activities
    � Group discussion
    � Case studies
    � Debates
    � Panels and student-moderated discussion
    � Student-led support
    � Peer review
    � Nonverbal communication
    � Guest speakers
    � Collaborative writing/ presentation
    � Role playing
    � Games
    � Demonstrations
    � Brainstorming



     Seminar to College of Engineering  about students enrollement presented on 10.11.2015



     Seminar to College of languages students about students enrollement presented on 10.11.2015











    New Initiative of SUE AVC E-Learning center suggesting through the meeting held on 14.09.2015 in Training and Development Education Institute for Ministry of Education in Kurdistan to upgrade and develop the e-leaning teaching process . The Dean, Mr. Hasan Ahmed Shareef and the institute headquarter are very pleasure to the cooperation between Salahaddin university and the institute and agreed to put a plan to train the teachers of the institute and students on the e-course production and the e-learning technology.



    On, 4.10.2015 the honor of the president of Salahaddin university, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dezaye , the university launched the new Teaching Methods course No.19. Around 250, Ph.D. and M.Sc. holders are anticipated in this course from different universities and ministries in Kurdistan and Iraq. Assist. Prof. Dr. Tarik Rasheed , Dr. Fazil Al Jaff , Dr. Rezan Ibrahim, Dr. Yousif H. Salih and Prof. Dr. Ifrah and other university staff attended the opening ceremony .
    The Director of the SUE AVC E-Learning center Assist. Prof. Ismail Musa Murad presented brief introduction about the SUE AVC center history and introduction about the E-Learning technology.
    On 18.10.2015, The Director of the SUE AVC E-Learning center Assist. Prof. Ismail Musa Murad presented brief introduction about the SUE AVC center history and introduction about the E-Learning technology.
    The technical Team Manager of the center Prof. Dr. Qaysar Salih Mahdi presented two lectures to the trainees about the Pedagogical Model of organizing the E-Course production on the university Moodle platform.






     Editted by : Assist.Prof. Dr.Ismail Musa Murad , the AVC Director & Prof. Dr. Qaysar S. Mahdy, the AVC Technical Team Manager.