e-Learning Center


        The mission of the SUE Avicenna  E-Learning  center  is derived from Salahaddin University’s mission. Salahaddin University’s prepares men and women in their professional disciplines with an emphasis on moral values and service in order to develop competent graduates who demonstrate concern for human development .
This mission is fulfilled by a broad based, scientifically strong education in e-courses, which enables you both to enter all areas of your profession on graduation and to adapt to changes that may occur during your professional life. By the end of the program you will be conversant with the wide range of topics relating to Engineering, Science , etc. , be able to communicate effectively and be able to appreciate the professional and social role of the Engineering and Science.
The AVC tries to foster a learning environment enhanced by faculty who encourage leadership, self-determination, self-respect, promotion of justice, and compassion in students. This is dependent on a sound scientific knowledge base, well developed expertise, critical thinking capabilities, moral reasoning, and communication skills. The School strives to instill these qualities in its students.

The center `s aim is to educate highly qualified experts with abroad understanding along with their students should acquire advanced analytical skills and the ability to carry out and to achieve the goals within the program of the UNESCO project on Virtual Campus Project ( E-Learning Project).

E-learning is a rather new learning method, which is still being developed in its initial part; it consists on learning based on Internet and other ICT methods. It may be clear that E-learning is very useful and can really help in the educational process. In order to support the learners in E-learning environment. The lecturers are not promoting  skills to facilitate learning, but also skill and experience to facilitate the E-learning process through practicing, building and recording the scientific material.

Our mission is to serve AVC e-learning Centre of excellence and record e-courses material for the lectures and train the professor of SUE via e and M learning process. The application of this new technique is for education and training knowledge and using the new technique for expanding the knowledge, and also works with partners to develop the style and putting new strategies for using the idea of e-learning in education and training programs. So towards or line education and e-learning systems and to lunch performance lecturers and students towards new educational knowledge.

In response to the above vision and mission, The AVC e- center of the University of Salahaddin continued to develop its program, curricula and study plans that offer a wide range of fields of knowledge professional and personal skills, as well as provide training opportunities for professors who hold MSc and PhD through practical courses or training in developing , the AVC e-learning is looking to achieve a higher degree of quality in its program and the pertinent curricula according to international standards and to be accredited by external accreditation commissions.
1- The AVC e-learning since its inception in 2010 has had graduated many lecturers qualified for professional practice in various fields of e-courses that include, quality assurance and electronic lectures. The AVC e-learning center at SUH currently offers an academic program that requires completion of (10) points for the all trainers who are participate in the . The AVC comprises educational and practical laboratories equipped with all facilities required to train professors in various fields of e-learning education disciplines including training through a virtual lesson by the three Rs ( reduce 2– reuse- recycle) and the three Ps ( power point presentation). The AVC also looks forward to the advancement of teaching and learning style by qualified technical and educational expert's members covering all relevant disciplines and providing laboratories equipped with facilities needed for teaching and research purposes. The AVC is looking forward to providing a program for postgraduate students in order to fulfill the community needs for professionally specialized graduates and to raise the pace of scientific research at the University of Salahaddin. We hope that this plan will guide work in all academic and administrative units at SUE toward the enhancement of performance and the fulfillment of excellence requirements locally, regionally and internationally.


 Editted and published by Prof.Dr.Qaysar Salih Mahdy & Assist. Prof. Dr.Ismail Musa Murad