College of Education

Department of English


English Department is one of the highly demanded Departments in the Salahaddin University. The need for a Department of English was felt as far back as 1998 of the University when the other departments had already been established. The Current Head of the Department is Dr. Mohammed Omer.

The Department gradually developed and attracted some highly qualified instructors, and many students applied to study there to get qualified and diverse in different skills in the language. At the present, it runs four undergraduate stages with intensive courses in English language and Literature.

A small library has been openedin the department to help the studentsand provide their needs as well. The purpose of the Department is to enhance pedagogies, teaching experience, classroom management to the students when they graduate. And to provide them to the private and governmental sectors with fluency, accuracy, sophisticated writing, critical thinking and the skills to lead their financial needs

It is worth mentioning that the staff:stake holders, teachers and graduate assistants in the Department have aeffective role to utilize and equip the Curriculum to an easier shape to the students, and they are surprisingly involved in fostering the standards of English language.

Head Of Department


Name: Hussein Ali Wali

Degree: Ph.D

Scientific Title: Asst. Professor

Specific Specilization: Semantics & Syntax