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 Talaat I. Hasan, Nejmaddin A. Sulaiman, Shaharuddin Salleh


In this paper, we consider the system of Volterra-Fredholm integral equations of the second kind (SVFIE-2). We proposed iterative kernel method (IKM) to solve SVFIE-2 and Aitken method on iterative kernel method(AM on IKM) for solving the problem. In addition, a theorem and two new algorithms are introduced. They are supported by numerical examples and simulations using Matlab.


Assist. Lecture Hardi Nabe Qmer
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Publishing paper


 1- Forecasting energy data using singular spectrum analysis in the presence of outlier(s). 

Published in international journal of energy and statistic vol.2 no.2 pp.1-12.


2- A preliminary investigation into the effect of outlier(s) on singular spectrum analysis .

Published on Fluctuation and noise letters vol. 12 no. 4 pp.1-23. 


Assist Prof.L. Nazaneen Qadar M.Saeed

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Publishing paper 

1- Study of Monomorphic Continuation.
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2- Study of S-functions.
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3- Matrix of meromerphic functions.
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4- Extension of Floqtet theorem.

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5-Semi-regular lattice polyhedral.

    Published onjournal Kirkuk university(2009).

Dr. Fryad Husein Abdul-Qadr

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Publishing paper

1- On analytic continuation .
Publishedin J. pure and applied since Unv. of Salahaddin.

2- Matrix meromerphic function .

Published in J. pure and applied since Unv. of Salahaddin.

3-Study of S-function.

Published in J. pure and applied since Unv. of Salahaddin.

4- Some properties of fundamental complex function.

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5-Annihilating ideal graphs.

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6-Element ideal graphs.

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7- Element ideal graphs of a ring of integers.

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8- Zero diverse group and annihilate ideal groups of Zn.
Published on Al-rafidain journal mosul University.


Dr. Ivan Subhi Latif

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Publishing paper

1- The effects of dependent data in unbalanced one way Model on Type I error rates for Multiple
 Comparason Procedure.
Publishedin Zanko (2004).

2-The effect of related data and correction proceder for F-test in unbalanced 2-way model.

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15- Anew combining Algorithm and its Global convergence for unconstraint optimization problem.

Published on  Journal of Basrah Researches(Sciences) (2014).

Assist. lecture Pakhshan Mohammed AmeenHasan

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Publishing paper

1- Numerical solution of second kind fredholm integral equation using chebyshev polynomial with linear
 programming method.
Publishedin Journal of  Salahaddin

Prof. Dr. Nejmaddin A Suleiman

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Publishing paper:

1- Solving a System of Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind via Fixed Point
published on Oct 2015 in AIP conference proceedings

2- Using Harmonic Mean to Solve Multi-Objective Linear Programming problems.
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3-Using Optimal Geometric Averagetechnique to solve Extreme multi-objective Quadratics
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4- Using short-herarchical method to solve multi-objective linear fractional programming problems.
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5- Transforming and Solving Multi- Objective Quadratic Programming Problems via Optimal Geometric
Average Technique
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6- New arithmetic average technique to solve multi objective linear fractional programming problem and
it is comparison with otherTechniques.
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Dr.Sanhan Muhammad Salih Khasraw

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Publishing paper

1- Generalized D-regular rings

     Published on Journal of Zanko




Assist. Prof. Dr. Nehmat Kdther Ahmad

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Publishing paper

1- On α-continuous and α-open function.

2- On rs-continuous function and semi–space.

3- On δ-compact space.

4- Strongly Semi – Continuous function.

5-Same equivalents in Topological Space.

6- On function with semi θ-closed and irresolute semi θ-closed graph.

7-On pδ-open set and pδ-continuous function.

8- Sβ-open sets and continuity.

     Published on(Thai Journal of Mathematics) Thailand.

9- weak separation axioms and function with Sβ closed graphs

    Published on International Journal Of Mathematical Sciences and
    Engineering Applications) India).

10- compact and  closed spaces.
      Published onInternational Journal of Scientific and Engineering

11- Para-compact spaces.
      Published on Journal of Advanced Studies in TopologyEgypt.

12- compact sets and locally compact spaces.
      Published on Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology) (Egypt).


Assist. Lecture Maher A Nawkhass

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Publishing paper

1- A New Modified Simplex Method to Solve Quadratic
    Fractional Programming Problem and Compared
    it to a Traditional Simplex Method by Using Pseudoaffinity of
    Quadratic Fractional Functions

     Published on Applied mathematical Sciences Vol.7,no.76, pp.3749-
     3764, 2013, Bulgaria

2- Solving Quadratic Fractional Programming Problem

    Published on International Journal of Applied Mathematical
    Research ,Vol.2, no.2, pp.303-309 , 2013,

3- Transforming and Solving Multi-objective Quadratic Fractional
    Programming Problems by Optimal
Average of Maximin & Minimax

    Published on American Journal of operation research
    Vol.3,no.3,pp.92-98 , USA, 2013

4- Using short-herarchical method to solve multi-objectivelinear
    fractional programming problems 

    Published on 2nd Scientific Conference of  garmian university ,may6
    and 7,2015


Assist. Lecture Qumri Hayder Hamko 

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Publishing paper

1- The integral transform of special function.

Published on Journal of Zanko Salahaddin.

2- Analytic solution of integral equation involving spheroidal wave functional of three variables.

Published on Journal of KirkukUniversity

3- Semi-regular lattice hedra.

Published onJournal of KirkukUniversity.

4- A non-monotone line search method with VM algorithm of 2ed order quazi-newten condititiona for 
    symmetric nonlinear- equation.

Published on Journal of KirkukUniversity.