College of Education

Dean CV.


Personal details

Name: Saeed Omer Ibrahim

Family Name: Al-Saraj

Date and Place of Birth: 20th Jan. 1954

Marital States: Married, Three children

Date of Employment: 20/1/1983, First Employment in College of Education,      

 Physics Dept., Salahaddin Univ.

Home Address: Erbil, Zanco Village, House No. 96, Erbil – Iraq

Telephone No. Erbil 00964 (0) 66 2260246

Mobil; 00964 (0)750 46718 43

Scientific Degree: Assistant Professor in Theoretical Physics



Kurdish: Speaking and Writing – Very Good

Arabic:   Speaking and Writing – Very Good

English:  Speaking – Medium

 Writing – Very Good



2000         Awarded Ph.D. In Theoretical physics, University of Al-Mustansiryia, Iraq 18/10/2000.

1980         Complete M.Sc. In Nuclear Physics, Department of Physics, College of Science, Sulaimanyah University, Iraq 1980.

1977         Complete B.Sc. Physics, Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Sulaimanyah, Iraq, 26/6/1977.


Training Courses and Conferences:

1988     I Shared Workshop in Italy in the “School of Non-Accelerating Physics”             held at the International Center of Theoretical Physics (ICTP),             TRIESTE (ITALY).

1988    I shared as a Membership in the first National symposium of plasma             physics in Baghdad.

1989    1st Scientific Conference of Duhok University, Duhok, Iraq.

 2011     I shared as a membership in the 4th international conference in

             Salahaddin University Erbil-Iraq.

2012     I shared in the 3rd International Conference on Superconductivity and

            Magnetism (ICSM2012) 29April-4May 2012 Istanbul.

2012         I shared in the First International Conference On Innovative Materials

        And Techniques (CIMT 2012) ( Tunisia) Nov. 12-15.

 2013    I shared in the Second Euro-Mediterranean on Functionalized                        

            Materials  EMM-FM 2013 Hammamet (Tunisia) March 24-28, 2013.

2014     In Recognition and Appreciation of Valuable Contribution as Scientific

And Organizing Committee Member of The 5th International Visible

Conference on ( Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

April 13-14, 2014).

2014     Participated in 4th International Conference on Superconductivity

  and Magnetism (ICSM2014) 27th April - 2nd May 2014, Antalya, Turkey.

2015  Supported as Member of organizing Committee in the event of                                  

          2nd International Ecology, and Energy Conference (ICEEE2015)

          April 12-13, 2015 in Erbil-IRAQ

2015  In recognition and appreciation of valuable contributions as

          Organizing Committee of The 6thInternational Visible Conference

           On Education Studies and Applied Linguistics April 26-27 Erbil-IRAQ                        



2003   Assistant Professor of Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics,                      

          College of Education, Salahaddin University. Iraq.

1994 Lecturer of Physics, Department of Physics, College of Education,           Salahaddin University, Iraq.

1983   Assistant Lecturer of Physics, Department of Physics, College of                     

          Education, Salahaddin University, Iraq.

1983-   To date give Theoretical and practical Lecturer in Physics to B.Sc.                and M.Sc. students.

2000   To date Supervising Four M.Sc. students and one Ph.D. student in

             Physics Department, College of Education, Salahaddin University, Iraq.



1- A Study of the Nature  of Gamma – Back in Sulamanyia Town.

    Iraqi J.Sci. Vol.22, No.1, 1981.

2- State Preparation and Relativistic Probability Amplitude.

     J. College of Education, 4(1), 10-11, 1993.

3- A Study of Electron Spin Resonance in Copper Phosphate Glasses Containing      Praseodymium.

    J. College of Education, 4(1), 13-18, 1993.

4- The Dynamic Evolution in a Mesoscopic Josephson Junction.

     Zanco, Vol. (14), No. (1), 45-48, 2002.

5- The Effect of Static Self-Field in Large Josephson Junction.

     J.Dohuk Univ. Vol. (6), No. 1, 11-13, 2003.

6- Studying the Electrostatic Surface Waves of Toroidal Plasma.

     Zanco, Vol. (6), No. 2, 41-46, 2004.

7- Modeling Uniform and Non-Uniform HTS Grain Boundary Josephson       Junction as a Magnetometer, Zanco, Vol. 17, No. 2, 37-51, 2005.

8- Some Parametric Study for low and HTS Strip-line.Zanco, Vol. 18, No. 3,      2007.

9- Phase  difference and Magnetic field of Fluxon in L.J.J. unpublished.

10- Studying the Magnetic field Variation of the Anti-fluxon in L.J.J.        unpublished.

11- Analytical Solution of the Unperturbed SG equation using the Hirota’s        Method unpublished.


Lecturel in the following courses :

1- Nuclear Physics for B.Sc. students.

2-    Solid State Physics for B.Sc. students.

3-    Modern Physics for B.Sc. students.

4-    Thermodynamics for B.Sc. students.

5-    Statistical Mechanics for B.Sc. students.

6-    Medical Physics for B.Sc. students.

7-    Advanced Nuclear Physics for M.Sc. Students

8-    Advanced Solid State Physics for M.Sc. students.

9-    Advanced Superconductivity for M.Sc. students.

10- Scattering Theory for M.Sc. students.

              11- Statistical Mechanics for M.Sc. student

              12- Advanced Electricity and Magnetism for Ph.D. students.

              13- Nano-Particle & Nanostructure Materials for Ph.D. Split-

                     Side students.


Supperadvisor for M.Sc. students:

1-    Super-current Distribution In A Uniform and Non-Uniform HTSGJJ and Its Usage as A Magnetometer. (Haidar J. Ismail 2003).

2-    Strip-Transmission Line Parameters For Low and Hight Transition

Temperatures Superconductors. (Aziz A. Aziz 2004).

3-    Solution of Sine-Gordon Equation In Large Josephson Junction By Using

Lamb and Hirotas Methode. (Emad O. Badr AL-Deen 2006).

4-    Modeling One-Dimensional Hight Temperature SCGBJJ Arrays .

(Hussein I. Salim 2008). 


Supperadvisor for Ph.D. students:

1-    Role of Metallic Nano-Particle on Thermal, structure and Spectroscopic Properties of Rare Earth Co-Doped ZINC Glass.

Kasim Fawzy Ahmed.