College of Law and Political Sciences


On 04/01/2016, a seminar at Professor Abdulrahman Rahim Hall was presented by Assistant Professor Dr. Kawan Ismael Ibrahim entitled ‘A Commentary on the Law of the Kurdistan Fund for Oil and Gas Yields No. 2 of 2015’ where he explained the law enacted by Kurdistan Parliament and was published on 10/05/2015 in the Kurdistan Gazette but has not been executed and according to the law a board shall be established 90 days on from the date the law came into force but is has not been established. There were several other problems on this law and all were addressed while it was discussed in the Parliament—to what Council this Fund should belong to was one of those problems. No revenues, having financial crisis and obstacles before implementing the law were some points of the seminar.


A seminar on the Cancelling the Flights and the stance of the Iraqi and Kurdistan Legislatior:


On 20/12/2015, a seminar at Madraj Hall of the College was presented by Assistant Lecturer Diyaree Masoud Khaleel entitled ‘The Cancellation of the flights and the stance of Iraqi and Kurdistan Legislator’ where a number of the academic staff of the College and students attended the seminar. She highlighted the cancelling of the flights and what the stance of the Iraqi legislator in this regard, especially when the flights from and to the Kurdistan Region were twice halted by Baghdad due to the missiles sent to Syria by from Russia. She also discussed the rights of the consumers in the Civil Aviation field and to what extent the consumer can ask for his/her rights. Then, she pointed out that the Iraqi and Kurdistan laws are silent on this issue in this regards. 


A seminar entitled (Not understanding the laws from the Parliament to the Courts)

On 14/12/2015, a seminar at Madraj Hall of the College was presented by Dr. Alan Bahaaddin entitled ‘Not understanding the laws from the Parliament to the Courts’ where he criticized an explanation No. 178 issued by the Kurdistan Parliament about an Article of the Iraqi Traffic Law on 2014 and has been published in the Kurdistan Gazette.The explanation in question has been sent to the Courts in order to rightly understand a Traffic Law Article where Parliament thinks that they have misunderstood it. However, in fact, what the Courts have been applied and exercised is the right way for the Article in question and the Parliament is mistaken in this regard. In principle, explaining laws is not what the Parliament is supposed to do and the Explanation itself is full of objective and procedural mistakes 


On 30/11/2015, at 11:30 a.m., a seminar at Professor Abdulrahman Rahim Hall of the College was presented by Assistant Lecturer Govan T. Shukri entitled ‘The Decision of the US Texas Court on the Case of Iraqi Ministry of Oil (MoO) v. KRG Ministry of Natural Resources’ where a number of the academic staff of the College and students attended the seminar. He shed some light on the content of this ruling and the process of issuing of the decision.

It is to be mentioned that he explained all legal justifications of both sides before the Court where the Iraqi MoO tried to win the case and have a court decision and use it against the Kurdistan Region. He also explained the tricky way that the KRG moved away the subject of the lawsuit and the decision of the court was moot which was to some extent a winning.

 The Ceremony of publishing the book of “Commentary on the Law of Domestic Violence in the Kurdistan Region” was held at our College








 On 30/11/2015, in the presence of the Dean of the College, law school academic staff and students, under the supervision of the Quality Assurance Unit of the College, the ceremony of publishing the book of “Commentary on the Law of Domestic Violence in the Kurdistan Region No. 8 of 2011” which has been written by Authors: Assitant Professor Dr. KAwan Ismael Ibrahima and Dr. Masoud Hamid Ismael was held at our College.                                                                                               What should be mentioned is that a delegation from the General Directorate of the Domestic Violence in the Kurdistan Region attended this Ceremony as the cost of the publication of the book was on this General Directory. Also, several high rank employees from the Directorate were there. In the Beginning, Sngar Othman welcomed the participants and then a speech was given by Mrs. Kurda Abdulla Omar where she explained the tasks and activities of her general directorate and their role in fighting against violence against women and their bulletins published by their directorate as means of awareness. Finally, a speech was given by the authors and the objectives of publishing such a book and they stated that this book is show the shortfalls of the Law and to have a book as a resource for the 4th year students of Law Department for the 2015-2016 studying year. 

Preparation for National Level of Grading Project in Kurdistan Universities

Salahaddin University-Erbil Presidency entails the national university ranking project aimed at selecting the academic position of the national universities in Kurdistan, according to formal letter issued by Salahaddin University-Erbil presidency, No: (6418\1\1) in (02\06\2015), which requires all colleges to create a private committee to gather sufficient information to rank National Universities based on their level of academic achievement. Considering this demand, the college of law and politics has appointed these members to participate in data gathering process relating our college, a committee is given the power to do all research and finally present an accurate detailed report to Slahaddin-Erbil University after being carefully evaluated by Evaluation Committee. This process should get it done by (15-08-2015)

Members of the committee as follows:

- Dr. Hussamaddin Ali Majeed – Dean’s assistant

- Dr. Azad ShkurSalih - quality assurance director

- Dr. Sabah SubhiHaidar – Head of Politics department

- Dr. Kawan Ismael Ibrahim – Head of Law department

- Shakhawan Muhammad Salih- Registration unit director

- HunarAbdulrahmanSaeed – quality assurance – Politics department

- Sanger Osman Muhammad – quality assurance- Law department

- Khasro Ahmed Abdulrahman – IT unit director

- Amir khursheedRaza- Management office

In this national university ranking project, all Universities will be ranked according to international academic organizations and scientific institutions criteria on a competitive basis among all Universities in Kurdistan to promote their academic level.

A seminar about Kurdish genocide issue from the international law perspective

On 10-06-2015, center for political and strategic studies invited Dr. Muhammad Ehssan to give a presentation about Kurdish genocide issue from the international law perspective in (Security Council hall) at College of Law and Political Science. Dr. Sherzad, Dean of the College and some academic staff in both departments participated in the seminar which mostly concentrated on the great importance of recognizing Anfal massacre by international community on one side, and calling all the Human Rights institutions to launch an extensive investigation into the Anfal campaign and Halabja attack on the other side. In this open debate, participants insisted that the recognition of Kurdish massacres can play a key role to reach self-determination.


On March 4th ,2015 at 4PM, Assistant Professor Dr.Mohammed Azeez Saeed the director of international relations Office at Salahaddin university-Erbil and Assistant Professor Dr.Kawan Ismail  the head of the department of Law at the college of law and Political science –Salahaddin university have met in Erbil Mrs. Harriet Ware-Austin representing University of Sheffield Hallam –Uk for about one hour. During the meeting the future scientific and academic bilateral relations and cooperation between Salahaddin University and Sheffield Hallam university were discussed in detail. The discussions during the meeting were concentrated on the possibilities of establishing links between teaching staff in the two Universities in the field of research activities, exchange of visits and experiences and write joint studies in the field of comparison between England and Kurdistan Region laws. Understanding the legal system of England, mechanism of the legislating, and also take advantage of the positive aspects of the legislating process in England in order to make proposals in that regard to promote legislating mechanism in Kurdistan region in the future were also discussed.Attending  training courses on modern teaching methods in Sheffield Hallam University, and transferring the information obtained in that courses to lecturers at the Salahaddin university- Erbil - through Seminars.