College of Law and Political Sciences

Law Department – Overview

Law department is one of the departments of College of Law and Political Sciences and has been established since 1985-1986. When it was first established, (Professor Dr. Abdulrahman Rahim Abdullah) was the head of this department; then followed by Assistant Professor Dr. Hussain Mohammed Balisany, Professor Dr. Hussain Tawfiq Faidhullah, Assistant Professor Dr. Jabbar Sabir Taha, Professor Dr. Kamal Saa’di, Professor Dr. Nasir Khalil, Assistant Professor Dr. Kawan Ismael Ibrahim and Dr. Mariwan Sabir Hamad who is still the head of the department.

- From 1985 to 1992, Law Department was the only department of the College, also from 2004 to 2007, was the only department of the College when the Department of Political Sciences was separated and became an independent College.

- Since 2007 and up to now, these two departments are merged and put under one College entitled College of Law and Political Sciences according to the Order of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. N/310 on 28/08/2007 which cancelled College of Political Sciences.

- In 1992-1993, the Evening Law Department was opened as a department of College of Rights/ Evening-this department continued until 2012-2013 when the evening colleges were cancelled.

- The academic staff of Law Department for 2015-2016 consists of (93) lecturers holding masters in laws and Ph.Ds. (45) of them are LL.M holders and (48) are PhD. holders with various scientific ranks: (5) professors, (15) assistant professors, (28) lecturers and (45) assistant lecturers.

- In 1988-1989, the first round of the students graduated.

- In 1993-1994, postgraduate study (only master) was opened in law department, and, in 1999-2000, postgraduate studies (PhD.) was opened in this department. In total of (17) rounds, (213) master students and (59) Ph.ds have been accepted in law department-postgraduate studies still continue.

- Lecturers at law department have been active in their areas of interest and study—have presented a huge number of seminars at both Department and College levels.

- Law Department has annually participated in the Scientific Conferences held by the College of Law and Political Sciences. In these conferences, students have, from different years of studying, participated with their papers. In 2006, the first conference was held, and, since then until 2013, (8) conferences have been held.

- Law department contains secretary of the department—its staff consists of legal assistants who have i.e. the 1st, 2nd and 3rd top students of the law department are automatically employed by the College and would perform the activities of the department.

- The Legal and Political Sciences Unit of the College established in 2004 by the Dean of the College of that year, Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Sharif Ahmed. This Unit contains a library where LL.B students can borrow books from. In spite of that, all graduation papers of the students (done in 4th year) are put in this Unit.