College of Law and Political Sciences

Curriculum Vitae


Hozan Abdul Mohsen Abdullah

Republic of Iraq - Kurdistan Region - Salahuddin- Erbil

Cabin: 0942-PO BOX: 1

Telephone: 00964 7507646464


Place and date of birth:  Republic of Iraq - Dohuk - 1976.
Marital status:   Married. two
Religion:   Muslim.
Occupation:  Lecturer / Faculty of  Law - University of  Salahuddin  since 2010.
Specialty:private law.
Specialization: civil law.


  •      Bachelor of  Law- University of  Al-hadbba  in the province of Mosul with distinction  good  2000.
  •      Master of  Law with distinction (average) from the University of Montpellier 1 (France) in the Faculty of  Law in 2005- the address the thesis of "The liability for others. "
  •      PHD in  Civil Law from the University of Montpellier 1 in France 2008 with an average (very good)  address of the thesis of " The liability for others- a comparative law study between French and Iraqi law."
  •      Certificate to develop ways of teaching / University of Salahalddin - Erbil 2010.
  •      Certificate of the Institute of  Foreign Languages ​​English at the University of Montreal in Canada in 2009.
  •      Certificate of the Institute of  Foreign Languages ​​French at the French Institute (Cavilam) in the city of Vichy in France in 2003-2004.
  •      Certificate of a degree in economic and social life of the community in the Canadian province of Quebec in Montreal in 2009.
  •      Certificate of completion of the development cycle for a computer institute in Erbil, Salahalddin in 2001.
    9-   Upgrade to a teacher in private law in 2011.

    Experience and scientific titles:

  •      Vice deen of collage of law and science politic at the university of  salahadden in Erbil 2016.
  •      Member of the Scientific Research Committee at the Faculty of Law / University of Salahalddin - Erbil .2010-2013.
  •      Vice of head of department at the faculty of Law 2010-2013.
  •      Lecturer of Real Stat law,fouth stage Faculty of  Law - Erbil 2015-2016.
  •      Lecturer of the Obligations ,Second stage Faculty of  Law - Erbil 2013-2014
  •      Lecturer of introduction to law ,Fist stage Faculty of  Law - Erbil 2014-2015.
  •      French teacher at the Faculty of Arts  (University of Salahddin -    Erbil in 2010).
  •      English teacher (Administrative Law)for the second phase at the Faculty of  Law - Erbil.2010.
  •      Lecturer of the history of  law for the first stage  in the Faculty of Law - Erbil.2010-2012

    Scientific conference

  •      Conference of the University of  Montpellier 1 –France - Faculty of  Law on the codification of  French civil law in 2006.
  •      Conference of the  Salahuddin University - Faculty of Law, on the future of federalism in Iraq in 2010 at Erbil.

    Published Addresses, and Articles:

  •      The responsibility of teachers published at the universty of Assut Egypte 2013.
  •      The responsibility of the organizer of sport clubs. 2015 journal of law/Salahaddin university.
  •      The responsibility of the spotif club for the riot journal of law/Kwait university.
  •      The responsibility of transporters for the damage cause to passengers. journal of law- 2016/Tekrit university
  •      Le Principe general de la reponsabilite du fait d autrui en Droit Francais, (The General Principle of Responsibilities of the fact of others in law french) journal of Tarazw-2011/Salahaddin university.


    1. Iraqi Bar Association.
    2. Bar Association in the Kurdistan region of  Iraq.

    Language Skill: