College of Law and Political Sciences

Curriculum vitae of Dean

Sherzad Azeez Sulaiman
Asst. Prof.Ph.D. in contract law
Dean Of College Of Law And Politics University Of Salahaddin- Erbil
Mob: +946 750 XXX....

The first time he entered the University as an academic staff in the law department in the University of salahaddin –Erbil, was in 2001, after the fulfillment of his master dissertation about the: "advertising contracts" ,for the first time entered the fourth grade students class to teach them real estate as a Teacher Assistant, after that, three years later, He was candidate to prepare  Ph. D. in the law department college of Law and political science, University of Salahaddin- Erbil, After three years of study he submitted his thesis concerning to " Good Faith In The Contract Formation a study In The Light Of The National Laws And International Conventions" he acquired Ph. D. in this field And promoted to a lecturer, in law department, after four years of serving as a teacher and fulfillment of other requirements promoted to Asst. Prof. 
During his Serving in the law schools in Kurdistan Region, he has chance to teach many topics, in undergraduate level, and in master courses, Such as: business Law, Commercial Law, introduction to the law, history of law, civil Law, civil contracts and etc. 
The Dean was Asst. Lecturer and lecturer from 2001-and later Asst. Prof. till know in college of law and political science, college of Administration and economic, and college of Islamic sciences, Salahaddin University, department of Law Soran University. he participated in many Permanent committees as a head or a member: such as scientific Committee, Head of promotion committee In Islamic Science Department, and examination Committee for a long time.  And Quality Assurance Committee from 2010-2012. 
From December 2012 till the moment dean of the college of law and politics- salahaddin university- Erbil.