Directorate/Office of international Relations

International cooperation in higher education with international universities, institutions and organizations are the key point in promotion and progressing any university and for intrenationalization of the university. For this,Salahaddin University have started communications and working with international universities, higher educations institutions and programs in order to aciquire the world expereince in developing higher education programmes. 

So far, Salahaddin University have signed since 2010 upto date over 210 memorandum of understanding/agreements with local and international universities and instutions.The aim of these MOU/MOA's are  for academic / scientific bilateral cooperations for students/academic staff exchange and the promotion of higher education study programs at Salahaddin university.

The most welknown agencies benefitted Salahaddin university are Erasmus Mundus, DAAD scholarship programs, Fullbright , IREX- US Iraqi Universities Linkage Program ,Italian Scholarships , Turkish scholarships, Aladdin Project and Erasmus Plus funded by Eoropean Union and coordinated by Lund University-Sweden.

Mohammed Azeez Saeed

September 28th, 2016