Directorate/Office of international Relations

International Students Exchange

Salahaddin University working hard to change the university from national university to international university.

One of the key points is to accept international students to study at Salahaddin University ( both undergraduate and postgraduate students) in different fields and deciplines.

Student exchange is also another factor considered in internationalization of the universities.

1- Miss.Irene Costantini, Ph.D. student in International Relations ( Political Science) at the school of International Studies, University of Trento-Italy visited Salahaddin University -Erbil in the period of November 1st, 2013 to December 15th, 2013 .she carried out her research on international intervention in confict/post-conflict sutiations , Iraq as a case study. Salahaddin University assigned Dr.Sherzad Ammen Al-Najar( professor of politacl science to supervise her study during the above mentioned. Salahaddin University accommodated her at the University dormitaory for girls in the above mentioned  period free of charge.

Name:Miss. Irene Costantini, Ph.D.student , Political Science, University of Trento-Italy ( ). Her first supervisor is Professor Roberto Belloni ( ) ,professor of  International Relations, University of Trento-Italy.

2- Mrs. Arzu Wahab Ahmad is a student at the department of arabic/Department of Foreigen Languages at the University of Bergen-Norway.She joined the department of Arabic language/College of Education-Salahaddin University-Erbil for the academic year 2014-2015.

She started studying third year class one full time academic year from October 2014 and ended her study in June 2015.The marks she scored have been transferred in to the ECTS Euroeapen System and sent to the Bergen University for their action and consideration.

Name: Arzu Wahab Ahmad, third class-Arabic Language,University of Bergen-Norway; email address: , Mobile: 00479 588 2369.

3- Three undergrate students in the field of political sciences from Russia have attended one month learning Kurdish Language  course from August 3rd to September 3rd , 2014 at the language center of Salahaddin university.The names are:

Mr. Daniel Hakimov Davronbekovich.

Mr. Artem Makarov Alekseevich.

Mr. Hikmet Esser-Kan.

4- Mr.Mustafa Muhamat Ibrahim Mesten ( ), MA student at the department of Arabic Language/ Institute of Social Sciences for Foreign languages/ Gazi University, Ankara Turky.He joined Salahaddin university to receive one academic year(2014-2015) courses on two subjects:

- Translations from Turkish to Arabic and from Arabic to Turkish.

- Comparative Literature in Arabic.

The first subject is taught by Dr.Hazim Burhan Mustafa, while the second subject is taught by Dr.Goran Salahaddin Shuker.

 5- Miss.  Weronica Ȍhrt an undergraduate student from University of Uppsala-Sweden has participated in Kurdish language course at college of Basic Education .The course duration was between 4th February - 20th June 2013. The course was specifically designed to meet the needs of the student. During this period she had 4 days class plus one hour class observation and listening. The topics she took were Reading and Writing, Grammar, Translation and Kurdish Proverbs and Idioms. The course was taught by experienced teaching staff at the college and the student was very happy with the results and outcomes.

6-Mr.Nikita Vyskobov , Russian student has participated  Kurdish language course at college of Basic Education .The course duration was between 11th January – 6th April, 2015.The course was specifically designed to meet the needs of the student. During this period she had 4 days class plus one hour class observation and listening. The topics she took were Reading and Writing, Grammar, Translation, Conversation and Kurdish Proverbs and Idioms. The course was taught by experienced teaching staff at the college and the student was very happy with the results and outcomes.

 7- Fifteen undergraduate students from Turkish Department-College of Languages of Salahaddin University joined Bahcesehir University-Istanbul-Turkey from August 15th to August 31st, 2015 to participate in an intensive advanced Turkish language Course.The training course was fully granted by Bahcesehir University.For Further information , please contact Dr.Hazim Burhan Mustafa ( ).

8- Every year since 2009, during the month of July about 6 undergraduatre students from Turkish department-College of Languages-Salahaddin University participates in intensive advanced Turkish language course at Bilkent University-Ankara.The training courses are fully funded by Bilkent University-Ankara.For more information, please contact Dr.Hazim Burhan Mustafa ( ).

9- Mr.Tom patrick Meleady ( Patrick Meleady.pdf  ) is currently a student in International Studies Bachelor Program at Roskilde University( ), Denmark. He is going to join Salahaddin University-Erbil in the period September 4th to October 25,2015. Tom ( )conducts a fieldwork in Kurdistan that concerns with nation building in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq. His thesis at Denmark is supervised by prof. Anton Petrenko( University( ) provides him short stay accommodation at the university guest house free of charge and assistant professor Dr.Sarhang Barzinji ( ), [ mobile; 00964(0) 750 449 0517 ] will supervise and guide him during the period of his visit to Kurdistan.

10- Mrs.Diana Patterson Hatchett, Ph.D. student at the Department of Anthropology-College of Arts & Sciences, University of Kentucky(   )- USA.She joined Salahaddin University-Erbil for two years period from September 1st ,2015 to september 1st,2017 to conduct her Ph.D. research on Education System in Kurdistan Region.The plan of her research project is to research in private secondary schools in Kurdistan by observing classrooms and interviewing students and teachers.Her is supervised by associate professor Dr.Diane E.King( ) ( ). Mrs.Diana visit to Kurdistan is financially granted by the University of Kentucky. Mrs.Diana is now affiliated to the College of Basic Education,Salahaddin University for the above mentioned period.


11- Salahaddin University Participated for the first time in a cultural event in China:

Zhina Avdal Khudhur

( )

Third Year, Biology Dept., College of Education,

Salahaddin University-Erbil

Zhina Avdal Khudhur the first member of the Kurdistan students  Delegation to China was chosen to be the representative of the Salahadeen University-Erbil ( ) and handpicked by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research of Kurdistan Region  among many other students. The Representatives traveled to China, along with a well planned time table to visit many popular temples, sights, and tours arranged by the China consul. This trip was very beneficial not only for Salahaddin University but for Kurdistan as a Nation.

Following the salutary assembly between H.E. Dr. Yousif Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and H.E. Mr. Tan Banglin, the Consul General of the People's Republic of China on 29-06-2016 concerning a number of issues related to the higher education including joint cooperation, coordination and exchange programs between both countries and nations, the first Kurdish University Students delegation visited the People's Republic of China between 24-08-2016 to 05-09-2016.

The delegation was headed by Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ahmed, the International Relations Officer for H.E. the minister's office, Mr. Zhu, the consulate attaché who accompanied the delegation during the visit, along with ten top students representing ten different universities in Kurdistan Region who were chosen through interviews at the Ministry of Higher Education of Kurdistan.

The students chosen out of thousands of students are of the following that passed with excellence in a blind interview.






Karwan Jaafar Mohammed


English Lang.


Waleed Chato Nuri




Rand Kawa Mustafa

Sulaimani Polytechnic



Hezha Bakhtiyar Abdalla


English Lang.


Dewan Mohammed Abdalla


English Lang.


Bryar Rashid Sharif




Ramin Khasro Hadi




Zhina Avdal Khudhur




Dilan Jawhar Awla


English Lang.


Parwez Hussein Abdulkarim


English Lang.


The office for the consul general of China had arranged a program for the chosen group which covered visits to four main cities in China: Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing and finally the capital city of Beijing. One of the most beneficial parts of the trip was a visit to Beijing Foreign Studies University. The delegation students were able to give out a successful presentation about Kurdistan which resulted in a future opening of a Kurdish studies Department at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

The presentation was started off by Zhina Avdal Khudhur who represented Salahaddin University-Erbil ( ).

I was happy to start off the Presentation after Dr. Mohammed Hussein ( ). To Tell a room that we don’t come from Iraq felt like I’m telling the world this is who we are ’’Kurds’’ from ‘’Kurdistan’’. On behalf of Kurdistan I thanked them for inviting us with such open arms. To make the Beijing University staff even more Happier, I was able to use what I learned in such a short time which was how to communicate in their language .Afterwards I told the other students to each call out their names and the University they come from before we show them through a well put presentation of Kurdistan. At the End of the presentation we were applauded and looked up to not only as students but as people and most importantly a Nation. The director was so pleased that he stated he will open a Kurdish studies Department. This was very beneficial for us as a country to be acknowledged by a country like China. A country that is the 3rd biggest as well as most populated in the world. I’m proud to be a representative of Salahaddin University that took place in this first time ever event and having such success. At the end of the Presentation Xue Qing Guo, professor and Director, Shaikh Zayed Center for Arabic and Islamic Studies( , along with Niu Zimu, PhD Senior Lecturer(  was very happy and proud to accept Sallahddin University, the biggest university in all of Kurdistan.

Mohammed Azeez Saeed, September 20th ,2016


12- From July 1st to August 31st, 2017  Mrs. Nadia Salah abdul Shafi Mohammed Shahen( ) is an Egyptein Ph.D. student at the University on Ain Shams will visit Salahaddin University as an international student exchange. Her visit is concerned with data and refernce liteature review and collections at Salahaddin University library for her Ph.D. research titled [ Political Parties and Organizations in Iraqi Kurdistan( 1946-1988)" A historical Study"].

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