Frequently Asked Question

Q/ My password does not work or it’s wrong?

A/ Use copy and paste to enter your email account.


Q/ How can I change my password?

A/ Look the Following Video.


Q/ How can I reset my password?

A/ You have to visit website unit at ICT center.


Q/How can I send an email to website unit in Kurdish style?

A/Please use Unicode/Latin style to write message in Kurdish code.


Q/How can I put my signature on email?

A/Please follow this video tutorial.


Q/ How can I import contact address?

A/ Please follow this video tutorial.


Q/ How to log in my SU email account?

A/ Through this link: (


Q/ How can we contact the website team?

A/ Through this email: (


Q/ Where can I change my password?
A/ Please visit the following link:


Q/ I can't change my SU email password?

A/ Passwords must include a lowercase (e.g. abc), an uppercase(e.g. ABC), and a number (e.g. 123)
Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters


Q/ I do not receive SU email?

A/ Search webmaster or check spam if not, please visit us at website unit/ICT center.


Q/ How can I adjust my SU email account on multiple Platforms?

A/ Visit (


Q/ How to configure your SU email account on Your Gmail Account?

A/ Follow the instructions in the link below:


Q/ How can I get salahaddin university email account?

A/ You should have you ID.


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.