Colleges & Centers

 College of Engineering was first established in 1968 in Sulaimanya city as one of the three colleges at Sulaimanya University (College of Agriculture, College of Science and College of Engineering). Then, it was moved to Hawler city and its name changed to Salahaddin University. The college was started with one department which was Civil Engineering. After five years the department of Electrical Engineering was established and Mechanical department was established after fourteen years. Also, Architectural Engineering was established in 1993. Recently, the three departments of Engineering (Software, Dam and Water Resources and Surveying) have been established respectively.

The college covers an area of 615000 m2and there are many large buildings for the scientific departments, laboratory, and two large cafeterias for dining the students' and celebrating their ceremonies. Moreover, the college includes many large gardens, sport field, parking lots and some housing units.                        

College of Engineering is one of the top colleges of Salahaddin University with world class research and education. So, the students who are accepted in this college their average must be high. Every year according to the necessity of the departments the graduate students of high schools and the first top students of the Technical Institutes will be accepted in this college. Furthermore, learning and studying is in English language and many new books are available in the library of the college. Also, well qualified and experienced teaching staff will guide students in researching and developing their skills.        

From 1976 till now the college pays a special attention to postgraduate studies (Doctorate, Master and Diploma). For instance, from the establishing of the college till now the number of the postgraduate students in its seven departments is more than (59 diploma, 118 MSc and 8 PhD).                          

From the beginning, the mission of the college was to cooperate in guiding students to the right path towards a developed and progressing Kurdistan via their scientific skills. Moreover, performing many scientific researches in different areas and paying attention to Consulting Bureau will be beneficial to the government.

Currently, the college comprises of seven departments (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, Software, Dams and Water Resources and Surveying). There are approximately about 190 staff members (40 of them had got the scientific degree in abroad) and there are 1700 students. Every year approximately about 400 students will graduate in this college and they can work in governmental and private sectors as well.


  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Civil
  • Department of Dams and water resources
  • Department of Electrical
  • Department of Mechanical
  • Department of Software
  • Department of Surveying