Curriculum Development

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Mission and Vision of Curriculum Development Directorate (DCD)

It is the focus of the DCD to produce globally competitive and qualified graduates, supervise initiating and updating the Curriculum in the colleges, supervise and get approval for the curriculum of all departments and update them, revise the presented proposals and grant approvals for opening up new colleges, institutes and departments in agreement with the directorate of quality assurance, provide new opportunities and challenges for teaching, learning and assessment, in addition to training the teachers of the core courses.

The University's curriculum provides students with discipline-specific skills and attributes valued by employers, which include critical thinking, adaptability, intellectual flexibility, enquiry, capacity to challenge, and an ability to work in teams. It also provides students with the latest knowledge in their field of specialization and with professional skills to rebuild and develop their country. The Process of Curriculum development at SU focuses on learning a second language, critical thinking, self-learning and IT skills. Students are encouraged to think critically, debate academically, write reports, present seminars and work in groups.

DCD attempts to ensure that the implementation of quality curricula and the production of quality graduates are keys within the University. The Directorate ensures that curricula are developed and implemented taking into account the following:

Following comprehensive needs assessment in which information on the need for the programs are collected from various key stakeholders, including academicians and practitioners in the relevant disciplines.

  •   Embracing the curriculum international best practices.
  •   Faculty training and development.
  •   Quality teaching and learning through continuous evaluation.
  •   Provision of a conducive learning environment
  •   Evaluation of academic programs.
  • Mission and Vision of Department

    The mission of the department should reflect the missions of the college and the university, the framework of activities together with their aims and objectives, the study courses the department offers the students and the society and an assessment of curriculum. It also reflects a message that defines the department, and is open to criticism, assessment, and reconsideration.

    Curriculum Organization

    The academic year and the credit hours for each course are to be decided on. These courses should be organized in a way that establishes a link between the curriculum for each year of study with the curricula of the preceding and following years. The curriculum for each year should reflect the general mission of the department as well as the aims and objectives of the courses.


    An important part of the curriculum development process is developing the teachers’ skills and methods of teaching. The department must continuously hold discussions about the way the teachers deal with their courses and with their students. There should be a shift from teaching to learning in the course of providing information. The students need to know the methodology used in their teaching and be part of the learning-teaching process and take the responsibility of his learning.