Curriculum Development


Reforming the education system and developing the curriculum focuses on second language learning (SLL), seeking information, and critical thinking.

The Tasks of Curriculum Development Directorate:

  • Reflecting the new philosophy of Higher Education in the curriculum and learning process via issuing a number of new instructions, following up on the changes made, and distributing questionnaires among the departments to get feedback about the changes and the requirements for their accomplishment. These questionnaires have had a major role in activating the role of the departments and realizing the changes.
  • Being in contact with the academic departments to implement the changes as well as with the sister universities in the World to cope with their development.
  • Taking into account the Projects, their units and hours, assignments and evaluation to have an academic standard.
  • Following up on the teaching of English Language in the first year in all the departments ,conducting training workshops every year for the teachers who teach this course, and evaluating the course by the teachers as well as teaching two courses in English in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year in all departments.
  • Following up on the teaching of “Academic Debate and Critical Thinking” course and focusing on teaching students how to implement the principles of democracy in their behavior inside and outside university through respecting and accepting others’ points of view, tolerance, coexistence and rejecting violence.
  • Reviewing and approving the curriculum of all stages at SU to get the final approval from the University Council based on the Ministerial order no.805 in 23-10-2011.
  • Training 1st year teachers of the Core courses such as English Language, Academic Debate and Critical Thinking, Kurdology and IT.