Curriculum Development

Participating in conferences

Recent Curriculum and Visions for Future

The director of curriculum development participated in the conference of Ministry of Education on curriculum development entitled" recent curriculum and visions for future" conducted on Vov.23-24,2016 in Erbil and it was funded by UNECEF.

The paper was a comparison between two textbooks for reading in the first year of basic education. It was a joint research with Prof.Omar Ibrahim Azeez.

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SU participates in Higher Education Conference in Baghdad organised by IREX and funded by US Embassy

The director of curriculum development at SU won a grant to participate in Iraq Higher Education conference in Baghdad funded by US Embassy from 26-28/9/2016. The theme of the conference was to bring all winners of IREX small grant funds in Iraqi universities to talk about their projects and share ideas. The funders became convinced to continue funding such projects to develop Higher Education in IRAQ.

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Participating in Ishik University conference on curriculum development in 2011

A Conference Held by Kurdistan University-Hawler entitled: “Quality Assurance and Mechanism in Language Provision for Higher Education In Kurdistan” from 19-20/02/2013

A Conference on Curriculum Development by IIE Organization from 28-30/01/2013

Participating in Salford University Conference from 8-10/04/2013 with a paper on teaching Academic Debate and Critical thinking in SU. The academic debate course is one of the core courses at SU and it is an essential aim of CD process

A Conference Students and Program evaluation held by IIE Organization June 27,2013

A conference on blending Human rights laws in the curriculum of schools and universities held by PAO organization and Women Council in Kurdistan in May 22,2014.

Participating in a Multidisciplinary conference in Venice, Italy with a paper on evaluating a study program in June 30 till July 3, 2014.

A video conference with Baghdad University and Bologna System for accreditation in Europe as part of the activities of EC program: curriculum reform of legal studies in Iraq funded by EC in December 4,2014

Participating in Ishik University conference VESAL in collaboration with SU in April 25-16, 2015 with a paper on evaluating the teaching of English Language at 1st- year. This is also one of the aims of CD process.